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Ruyi Jingu (a.k.a. Yeoui) is a sacred weapon that is used by the Monkey King of the Nine Kings.

The Staff, together with Kinto-Un and Gourd, forms Weapon of the Three Gods, The Monkey King's Weapons of Choice.

After RagnarÖk, Ruyi Jingu has been broken into two pieces, with one of them embedded at the centre of the main battleground, Korea, now obliterated and become a sea. The other piece falls in possession of Dan Mo-Ri.


The Yeoui takes the appearance of a stone-looking bo staff. In the First Heavenly War, Yeoui had a gold band on each end.



Yeoui was the weapon that the Dragons created from the hip bones of Orge, the first and strongest dragon, but unlike other Yeoui, It wasn't enhanced by Yeouiju in fear of Orge's power and rage. It was later held in the Dragon King's Palace to measure the east sea level. The Monkey King extorted it from the current Dragon King, Junior.[1]

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When Uriel tried to pick up Yeoui (fake), she picked it up easily and thought it (real) was supposed to weigh 1,700,000 pounds or 80,000,000 tons. And when Mori Jin handed the real Yeoui to Uriel, her hands immediately got severed, implying that It was much heavier than Uriel ever anticipated.[2]


Ruyi Jingu is able to grow on command to what the owner says and is capable of killing thousands of angels and Nephilims instantly. A casual strike with Ruyi Jingu destroyed many angels at once, ripped Taek in half, and made a huge tsunami. The staff is also deceptively monstrously heavy, with few people besides the Monkey King being able to even lift the staff.

Size Alteration: Ruyi Jingu's size can be altered according to the Monkey King's will. It can grow broader or slimmer and taller or shorter at will. It can reach incredible lengths, as it was able to reach all the way from the other side of the moon to the earth which is 387874.8 km long.

Weight Alteration: On command, the staff can become lighter or heavier and the norm for the Monkey King is heavy by many people standards, just placing it onto the floor was able to create cracks in the ground that reverberated up a gigantic hole up to its surface. Making it lighter vastly increases movement speed. (Max weight unknown)

Levitation: Ruyi Jingu can levitate itself a certain distance from the ground, to the point that It can be controlled remotely.

Summoning: The staff can be summoned into its wielder by moving at incredible speed, destroying everything in its path.

Cloning: Ruyi Jingu can make multiple copies of itself along with The Monkey King's own copy. The clone's staff is vastly weaker, however, as it is easily cut through and broken by Blade of Tathagata, while the original was durable enough to withstand its cutting power. When the copy of Ruyi Jingu held by Hui Mo-Ri is broken to pieces, it can regenerate.

Enhanced Durability: The staff is incredibly durable, with few if any attacks able to break the staff. So far only First Crown Prince using Lightning Blade, The King using his Blade of Tathagata, Satan, and a few items from Maitreya can do so.

Teleportation: Ruyi Jingu can be teleported back to The Monkey King's location at his command.


Yeoui is made from the backbone of dragons and each dragon bone has a unique function.

The 19 Yeouiju

Of the 19 Yeouiju offered by the Dragon King during his trial, Dan Mori has obtained all 19 of them. Being imbued with the dragon's magic and souls, these pillars have even greater durability and power compared to Dan Mori's original Yeoui, despite it being from the strongest dragon in history.

  • Size Alteration: Like Yeoui, the pillars are able to be altered in size according to the wielders will, either broadening, slimming, elongating or shortening for different scenarios.
  • Weight Alteration: Assumedly, the 19 Yeouiju can also become lighter or heavier at will, thus increasing either attack speed or power depending on the weight.
  • Enhanced Durability: According to the Dragon King, items made from dragon bone that are imbued with a yeouiju are greatly enhanced. Reforging the Yeoui with a yeouiju would make it more powerful due to the yeoiju also being imbued with the dragon's souls, though It's unknown if the 19 pillars already imbued within him have greater durability than the unenhanced Yeoui.
  • Form Alteration: Some of the 19 Yeouiju can change their forms like Mori’s armour suits.
  • Summoning: They can be summoned like his Yeoui.
  • Levitation: The 19 Yeouiju can levitate from the ground.


  • 1st "Ancient Dragon" Ogre
  • 2nd "Lizard" Stick
  • 7th
  • 13th Ice Pick: Ice Pick possesses an enormous amount of piercing power being capable of easily piercing through the Yeoui, It wasn't shown whose Yeoui it was made of.
  • 27th "Rhino" Steel: An extremely large scale Yeoui that Dan has access to, the size not only greatly dwarfed the palace of Tathagata but is the largest Yeoui seen so far by a wide margin, greatly surpassing the original. Additionally, its defence is immense, completely blocking the piercing of ice pick despite its strength.
  • 32nd "Kite" Chain
  • 32nd Thunder Dragon: Thunder dragon's main power is to send out large-scale bolts of thunder and electricity. Additionally, by using it Dan can vastly increase his speed growing so fast that Deer could not even perceive his movements and had no idea what was happening.
  • 41st "Merman" Water
  • 55th "Goliath" Choeyong
  • 63rd "Sabre-Toothed Tiger" Sabre-Tooth
  • 91st Flame: This staff has the ability to generate and manipulate fire, including making constructs made of flame such as a dragon's head.
  • 98th Ice: With this staff, Dan has the ability to send out shards and blasts of ice, including making constructs made of ice.
  • 110th "Tortoise" Overlord
  • 134th "Bladed Dragon" Blade
  • 146th "Serpent" Tortoise
  • 177th "Centaur" Rhino: One of the staffs Dan obtained through his battles in the dragon palace so far has shown the ability to create many large-scale tornados and split the sky.
  • 180th Moon Shadow: Moon Shadow has the ability to create vast copies of itself using shadows in the area, it can also create its own shadows to make more of itself. Though shadows are not needed for their duplication and they can make thousands of themselves with or without shadows. Additionally, it can lock targets in place using their shadow as a conduit.
  • 201st "Blue Dragon" Junior
  • Okryong Gotong: A Yeoui made from the soul of Ryong after decoding to forgive his brother so far has been shown to massively increase the power of Dans martial arts when used in conjunction with them.
  • Subhuti



  • In the Journey to the West, Sun Wukong won this staff in a challenge held by the Dragon King, in which it stated that if he could lift it he could keep it.
  • The full name of Sun Wukong's staff is Ruyi Jingu Bang, which is sometimes shortened to Ruyi Bang and Jingu Bang.