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Yeo-Po Bong-Seon also called Lu Bu Fengxian is the Charyeok of Yu Mira.


It appears as a man dressed in warrior clothing with a head band that has two lines of falcon feathers on it. His clothes/armor is made out of tiger cloth. It also vastly resembles the Monkey King from the Chinese legend, Journey to the West.


This is the Charyeok of Mira. It enhances her fighting ability and she can use many high level attacks. It also enhances her swordless swordstyles. Ironically her Charyeok was the owner of her National Treasure. The charyeok's avatar can be summoned to attack the enemy.


Physical Enhancement: Summoning a part of Charyeok, the headpiece that looks like the two yellow tails on the head, it greatly enhances all of its user's physical attacks, speed and power.

Falchion (Fangtian Huaji): This is named after the signature weapon of her Charyeok. It is can greatly amplify her physical strength tremendously.

Crimson Horse (Red Hare): This is the steed of her Charyeok. It was capable of destroying one of Park Ilpyo's Charyeok fire foxes quite easily. It also possess the ability to fly.


  • This Charyeok is based off the Chinese figure Lü Bu.
  • It's appearance however is based on Sun Wu-Kong's armor that was gifted to him by the Dragon of the Eastern Seas, and the tiger cloth around its waist is similar to the one Wu-Kong wore during his pilgrimage to India.

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