Huh? H..hey? Hold on... I'm still transforming... okay?!

"Huh? H..hey? Hold on... I'm still transforming... okay?!"

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Xiaochen, also known as Peixes Tac Tung Xiaochen, was a Bishop of Nox. 17 years after RagnarÖk, she still served as Bishop of Nox, however this time as part of Han Daewi's faction.


A beautiful blonde woman with giant eyes. She is relatively tall and possesses a voluptuous figure, with large breasts and immense thighs.


Seventeen years after the events of RagnarÖk, Xiao Chen appears to look much as she did however it is revealed she uses a lot of make up to hide her true appearance as the effects of using up most her vital energy seriously damaged her skin.


Xiaochen is shown to be particularly narcissistic, caring about her appearance a lot and taking a lot of selfies.


At some point in the past, she was saved by Okhwang from being stoned to death.

Hosik mentioned that she wiped out the race of Black Dragons by herself without using Borrowed Power.


World Tournament Arc

Xiaochen first appears after Judge O breaks into the Nox Colosseum. Seeing Jang Hosik defeated, she takes on Lee Sujin, trying to convince her to rejoin the Nox. Xiaochen overpowering Sujin, Sujin uses Pathogenesis on Xiaochen, holding her off so she can escape with Gang Manseok.


RE: A Round With God

Ji Seokjin

Main article: Ji Seokjin

In order to infiltrate schools without attracting too much government's attention, Xiaochen somehow transformed herself into a teenage boy and adopted the name "Ji Seokjin". It is unknown if this is her own ability, another person from Nox or if Ji Seokjin is a real person in and of himself.


As one of the Bishops, she is at least equal to The Six in power and abilities. Power wise, she is below Romario Traviola but above Lee Sujin, who regards her as dangerous even without Charyeok.

She lost much of her power after using up her vital energy thanks to using The Original Way Of Borrowing Power. Although weaker, she's still more powerful than Judges of later generation. She is still capable of defeating Judge O, who rises to become one of The Six, although it require her to use her The Original Way Of Borrowed Power.

  • Superhuman Strength: As a Bishop, Xiaochen has an absurd level of physical strength. She single-handedly slaughtered the entire Black Dragon race, beings that she herself commented have thick scales, all without utilising borrowed power. Just by throwing a punch, she can create a shockwave that blows holes through caves. Against the Judges, she effortlessly decimated them in hand-to-hand combat, and even with their Charyeok, she still overwhelmed them.
  • Superhuman Speed: Her speed were greater than most judges, except for Judge C.
  • Superhuman Endurance: Xiaochen has an incredibly high threshold for damage. When Judge Q removed his limiter, Xiao Chen was able to take the full brunt of her own punches. Her most impressive feat in this regard was when she endured all the damage that she had unleashed upon Judge Q returned at 100-fold the power.

Full Contact Karate

17 years after RagnarÖk, she learned this martial arts from her master, the current Jade Emperor.

  • Basaltic Fist: a powerful strike that interrupts the opponent's attack
  • Side Kick: A powerful sidekick that comes from the hips and core.
  • Hook Kick: A kick that is delivered by the heel in hooking motion to the side.
  • Rabbit Punch: a sharp chop with the edge of the hand to the back of the neck
  • Dance of the Four Guardian Gods: White Tiger Full contact: A barrage of punches designed to bludgeon the opponent.


Xiaochen's charyeok is Kabbalah, a charyeok based on protecting the King that she designates specifically the Jade Emperor based upon the esoteric method, discipline, and school of thought in Jewish Mysticism it was sealed by Lee Sujin before she could show more of its abilities. During the awakening of the slumbering deity Lee Sujin reactivated her power.

  • Kabbalah Merkava: Kabbalah Merkava creates a type of barrier around its target specifically the King stopping them from taking any damage or being broken even by the King himself.[1]
  • Kabbalah Sefer Jetzarah: By sapping her own life force vines appear on a target inside Kabbalah Merkava's barrier healing them.
  • Kabbalah En Sof: It appears to create five pillars of light that deal minimal damage to its target.

The Original Way Of Borrowing Power: After breaking her own's taboo Xiaochen can transform into a monstrous initial form. In this form she exhibited instantaneous regeneration and poison secretion. She can partially use it to increase her strength, instead of full transformation. Her price of using this type of Charyeok is accelerated age progression. She used to negate the effect by injections of vital energy.


  • Okhwang's speech when he saved her from being stoned to death borrows from Jesus' own when he saved a woman committing adultery from same punishment. Although the Bible didn't specifically mention the woman's identity, it was heavily implied to be Mary Magdalene, in which case Xiaochen is an expy of Mary Magdalene in this webtoon.
    • This also implied that Xiaochen is a lot older than she looked.
  • Her Charyeok could also be a reference to Yog-Sothoth which in turn is inspired by Qlipoth which is a variant of the Kabbalah



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