Tiny Dragon's Nunchucks is the National Treasure of Ma Bo-Ra. This national treasure is a nunchuck. It is unknown who gave it to her. It can morph into a spear that is called Large Dragon Spear and also into tonfas called Bruce & Lee.


Before it was awakened it looked like a typical black nunchuck. When awakened it can take the form of whatever weapon the user desires but it always has the dragon symbol running along the handles.


Ma Bo-Ra is in the possession of Tiny Dragon's Nunchucks, which is a National Treasure. When awakened it took the form of a long spear called Large Dragon Spear with dragon sign running along the handle of the spear.


Teleportation: It is capable of teleporting to its owner. It appears to have no set distance and will appear either when called or needed.

Attack Enhancement: It is capable of enhancing attacks and cutting through powerful Charyeok easily. It is also capable of blocking extremely powerful attacks.

Weapon Transformation: This national treasure has the ability to transform into various weapons like a spear and tonfas. the currently seen transformations are Large Dragon Spear, Tonfa Bruce & Lee.