The God of High School:Eclipse

The God of High School:Eclipse (갓 오브 하이 스쿨 - 이클립스, Gas Obeu Hai Seukul - Ikulripseu) is a Naver Novel written by Bloody and illustrated by Park Yongje. It is a spinoff story of the Webtoon The God of High School that is hosted by Naver, and was published from May 2015 till August 2016.


The protagonist of the novel, Gang Daehyeop, is a skilled high school student fighter who possesses a strong Charyeok, yet did not receive an invitation to the G.O.H. Tournament. Bitterly disappointed, he ends up joining Shadow, an unofficial organisation of Charyeok Users.
And while competitors like Jin Mori, Han Daewi and Yu Mira battle in the Nationals under the spotlights of the Tournament, Gang Daehyeop with his colleagues and friends conduct a series of deadly clashes against the forces of Nox as well as other fiendish enemies in the darkness behind the scenes.

List of Volumns and Chapters


Volumn 1. Heroes of Street

Arc 1. Munchkin☆SUPERSTAR

Interlude. Eve of the Storm

Arc 2. Short-tailed Albatross

Arc 3. Demon King

Arc 4. Stalkers on Lost Eden – First Half: Zealot

Interlude. Star Wars

Arc 5. Shadow Hunting

Arc 6. Lunatic Midnight

Arc 7. Spider


Arc 9. Ouroboros

Arc 10. Stalkers on Lost Eden – Second Half: Rascal


72. Night End

Volumn 2. The Key


Arc 1. No More Shadows

Arc 2. Devil Never Cry

Arc 3. Key, Hero, and Idiot

Arc 4. Hound DOGS


Interlude: Ruler over the World

Arc 6. Rescue

Arc 7. Space Monster War

Arc 8. Stalkers on Lost Eden – Ending: Saviour

Arc 9. To the END

Arc 10. Countdown

Arc 11. Stalkers on Lost Eden – Opening: Eclipse


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