The Circle is core element of The Master of Seventh Heavenly Realm that was given to Jin Mo-Ri as a sign of servitude. It can also be used as a weapon.


The Circle's default appearance is, Ironically, a moldable cube. It can be made into many things, from belt to headband. It will revert to its circle form when it attacks.


The Circle is the essence and life of the Master of Seventh Heavenly Realm, and as such, it has its power.

  • Sentience: The Circle is sentient as it can feel discomfort when Jin Mo-Ri stretched it. It also possesses a sense of loyalty.
  • Multiplication and Regeneration: The Circle can multiply itself to surround its opponent and regenerate its mass instantly.
  • Form Alteration:It can alter its appearance and form to suit Jin Mo-Ri's command, like becoming a headband or belt. It can also use this ability offensively, like forming a spear/thorn-like appendage to attack the opponent.
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