The Sage Pill or Spirit Fruit is a special fruit from the Sage Realm that is easily found anywhere especially in the Mount Hwagwa region.


The Sage Pill is a pink or purple round fruit and is believed to taste horrible.


The Sage Pill is a fruit that is located in the Ore Kingdom of the Sage Realm. It is a holy fruit which could enhances a person's subconscious strength, but results in death of the person, if they are not trained enough to control their subconscious. It must be eaten with the tears of a holy animal if the consumer wants to survive. These holy animals include dragons or Hatae.


The Sage Pill is able to increase the user power greatly, but if the user isn't trained enough to control their subconscious, the user could later end up dying however that is if the eater is a human. If the consumer is a person from the Sage Realm it greatly enhances their powers.



  • This fruit has no bad effects on the inhabitants of the Sage Realm.


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