Sadie is the Charyeok of Saturn.


It has the appearance of a woman with her eyes covered.


It uses enemy's shadow to summon hands to attack. It can summon a whale like creature to attack from behind.

Umbrakinesis: It gives Saturn the ability to manipulate shadows, her own and her opponents.


Sadie's Table: Saturn uses enemy's shadow and summons a large number of hands from the shadow to hold down an enemy. Its effect is not completely known as Q easily broke through it.

Sadie's Breakfast: It is a technique that summons a whale like creature behind the opponent and attempts to eat them.



  • This charyeok might be inspired by Marquis DeSade who was known for his erotic works that combined philosophy and pornography, depicting horrendous acts of sexual sadism, blasphemy against Christianity, and criminality. The term sadism is derived from his name. The name Sadie can be a reference to the word sadism.