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The Re Taekwondo Force (White Tiger Force) is a military force created by the government of South Korea as an elite combat force for the war against North Korea. They are all practitioners of the martial art Renewal Taekwondo.


In the 1960s, when a group of heavily geared spies infiltrated South Korea. 37 of the 38 spies were killed, one of the spies was captured alive. The council was interested in his ability to fight and invited 50 martial artists to fight him one on one. The results were complete and utter loss. The Northern ITF Taekwondo from North Korea had beaten the South Korean martial artists.

The President ordered a new method of Taekwondo in order to counter it. There were no visible weakness to the North's Taekwondo, it was developed so that you could infiltrate with much more precision. A few years later Renewal Taekwondo was created and a task force generated around it as its base.

During mission Gilgamesh, they were ambushed by an American task-force consisting of 400-500 soldiers and a specialized unit called the MK Unit and only one member came back to South Korea: The Founder of Renewal Taekwondo, Jin Tae-Jin.

Members & Rank

They are numbered in the 50-60 in terms of member. They are all practitioners of Renewal Taekwondo of various levels. The higher ranked they are the more powerful they are among the group starting with captain as the highest. The members aren't necessarily recruited based on their background in Taekwondo as at least two members, Choi Do-Ha and Park Il-Tae, have different backgrounds in martial arts. The currently known members are:


  • The original Korean name of this force may have come from the nickname of the 36th Infantry Division of the South Korean army.