Pralltriller is core element of the previous Master of the Sixth Heavenly Realm that was given to Park Il-Pyo as a sign of servitude. At any time, the core element can takes a giant form to fight alongside Il-Pyo.


Its default appearance is flame. It can takes its form as Master of Sixth Heavenly Realm when needed.


It is the essence and life of the previous Master of the Sixth Heavenly Realm, as such, it has its power.

  • Sentience: It is sentient as it can be confused or puzzled, as can be seen when Shiva use her strength to hold his leg.
  • Enhanced strength: As the result of its gigantic form, Pralltriller houses great strength.
  • Enhanced Speed: Despite being a giant, Pralltriller is quite fast, allowing him to fight evenly with God Hand, which had several times intercept Park Il-Pyo's attacks.
  • Size Alteration: Pralltriller can change his size to fit the situation. As shown when he's commanded by Il-Pyo to do so.


Interestingly, It chooses Park Il-Pyo as its master, despite Jin Mo-Ri being the one who defeated it.

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