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"Huh? H..hey? Hold on... I'm still transforming... okay?!"

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You can only know the true face of a man when he hits rock bottom… Whether he's the son of a tiger or rabbit.

—Park Mujin

Park Mubong (박무봉, Park Mubong; "Mubong Park") is a former member of the Korean National Assembly and The Six, He was also an organizer of the G.O.H Tournament. He changed his name to Park Mujin (박무진, Park Mujin; "Mujin Park") 17 years before the story begins.

Thanks to massive propaganda on his part, he becomes the world president after RagnarÖk is over. He too rises to become the special human cultural asset, a position reserved for the strongest of The Six, though he is no longer included among them. Mujin loses his position as world president after Park Ilpyo reveals all the evil he did during his time as ruler.

During his final battle against Dan Mori, it was revealed how he betrayed and framed Jin Mori and his grandfather. In this way, Mubong becomes the greatest villain in history, thus losing the support of generation x and earning the hatred of humans, demons and gods. He is currently recognized as the most hated man in the world and remembered as the worst villain ever seen.


Mubong is a tall (187cm), slim man, with an average build. He is almost always seen dressed in a black suit and dress pants, with an orange Hawaiian dress-shirt that has flower patterns on it. A look which is often associated with gangsters in Korea. He wears a zen-beaded necklace with a cross hanging at the center.[1]

He has sharp, black eyes, with narrow eye-bags underneath. On his forehead is an X-shaped scar, given to him by Jin Taejin. His hair is often seen as clean cut and slicked back, but his hair forms two little horns at the top of his head. He uses hair gel to try and flatten them, but they always pop up right after (a running gag throughout the series). A cross is imprinted on his palm(s), which seems to be the source of his Charyeok.[1]

Seventeen years after the events of RagnarÖk, Mubong's hair has grown out drastically with white patches on the sides. His face has become more rugged with a light stubble around his chin and jaw and the semblance of a large scar on the right side of his face. Mubong now has a metal prosthetic right arm after losing it in his final fight with Jin Taejin.

After his fight with Kim Dusik, Mubong's hair turned completely gray so he decided to go back to his previous hairstyle and outfit. His hair turned white and his eyes turned red with golden pupils just like Dan Mori after becoming an supreme god.


Mubong at first appears to be an ambitious and malicious person, where he seems he'll do anything to achieve his goals. It is first noted when he destroyed an entire island where one of the senators were having their vacation at when they rejected his proposition.[1] Another example is when Han Daewi wanted to make a deal with him about healing his sick friend, but Mubong states that he has to simply win the Tournament. He also comes off as being aloof and uncaring, especially when people he knew were killed, yet was still quick to move on. However it is shown he cares about others, albeit subtly, usually through a solemn expression or other actions. He has helped the protagonists in a multitude of ways as well, such as giving information to Daewi about Charyeok, and removing their accusations during the post-tournament arc with all his money. If anything, he tries not to let his emotions get the best of him. At most, his alignment is morally ambiguous, where he won't hesitate to use force or make sacrifices if necessary to reach his goals or stop his enemies. It is mentioned by Judge Q that he cannot figure out what he is thinking.

He can come off as being egotistical and conceited, as shown when he wanted Giju to "bow" to him because he was higher in rank[2], or when he told Judge Q to kneel before him when Q demanded answers about Announcer T's family. He is shown to not take kindly to disrespect, especially when it comes to his real name. He can seem to overlook it when close people tease him, however. Otherwise, he can be quite patient, willing to be humiliated and disliked by the public, but still remain a level head.

He has a soft spot towards honest people, first noted where he couldn't bring himself to harm Jin Mori after he honestly answered his questions without hesitation. He had shown interest in Han Daewi and Mori, calling them baby tigers (a metaphor often used in Korea to describe powerful spirits), but had a more personal interest with Daewi, specifically when he was fighting against Mori as he was finally willing to tell the truth about his friend. He may like honesty due to the fact he is also rather blunt, preferring for people to get to the point and not beat around the bush.

Mubong can sometimes be seen to act cowardly (at least as a joke) where he used Moon Giju as a "friend shield" against Jin Taejin's kick. He seems to also be somewhat pessimistic, where he texted Judge P to "save [him]" during Jegal Taek's violent winning spree in the tournament. He can also be quite embarrassed. He changed his name to "MuJIN" Park because he thought his birth name was lame. He also unknowingly struck a "tough pose" in front of Hallyang Seo, and he "regretted it from the bottom of his heart"

He seems to show a rivalry towards Jin Taejin, most likely due to the fight they had years ago and the scar that Taejin gave him. His tone towards him comes off as malicious and cunning, but he has also shown respect to him such as when he spoke about Jin Mori's past. He also seems to have a rivalry with Sang Mandeok as well, with the latter more willing to show off his abilities to him.

After ascending into the world, president Mubong became far more cruel and cowardly; fully willing to sacrifice the lives of non-power borrowers to further his own goals.[citation needed] His hatred and fear of the gods also have increased to the point that he was fully willing to kill anyone who displayed traits similar to Jin Mori. However, he was revealed that this is really to make sure that if another Ragnarok happens, humanity will be ready to fully combat the gods.[3] To this end, he is willing to sacrifice himself and others to make sure the continued survival of Generation X by proactively sealing the Supreme God Tathagata.

As he fought Sang Mandeok, he started to have flashbacks of his past, showing why he hated the Gods so much. After he killed his old friend, the journalist came via video projector and he showed Mubong photos and videos of the world hating him and destroying his monuments. He commented with great amusement on the ironic downfall of Park and his allies, which led Mujin having a breakdown. The last straw was when he saw P dying and discovering the apparently horrid state of his baby. He chose to revive Tathagata within him to 'reboot' humanity and create a superior species.

After becoming the Supreme God, Mubong becomes an extremely dull and jaded person, completely giving up on the current world. Mubong admits to being wrong and foolish and agrees with Odin when the latter calls him a hypocrite. Mubong states he is willing to kill himself after completing his 'final mission'. However, his cruelty and arrogance also intensify as he shows no respect for anyone and is willing to mercilessly kill anyone who is an inconvenience to him, even his own servants. He shows no sympathy for the fate of the "old humanity" which he is attempting to eradicate.


Not much is known about Mubong, other than he is a rich, influential Korean representative and a member of The Six. It has been mentioned repeatedly that he was strong enough to join The Six at the age of 18. He has been considered a prodigy, noted by Jin Taejin, and was also called "tiger cub" (In Korea, calling someone a tiger cub means they are a formidable person) by Jeon Jaesan. Jaesan had also mentioned that Jin Mori wasn't as strong as Mubong at his age (although this is now seemingly refuted due to current events regarding Mori). 

At some point in his youth 'the best shaman in Korea' told him that he would become a king who will revolutionize the world.

When Park Mubong was 18, he fought alongside the rest of The Six against Jin Taejin, he was severely beaten and received the permanent X-shaped scar on his forehead. 2 weeks later, Park Mubong had his first meeting with Sang Mandeok, who greeted him in his wheelchair due to suffering from Lou Gehrig's Disease. Mandeok stated his admiration for Mubong, who replied that he was an 18 year old combat genius.[citation needed]

He also seems to be close to a woman with a cross, Sang Mansuk, as her death implied to be caused by Beelzebub, fueled his hatred against the gods of the Heavenly Realm. Until this day he still uses this cross.

Mubong seems to have a deep history with Mandeok. They 'kindly' greeted one another and brought up statements in the past tense, mentioning little tidbits of each other's history and skills, implicating that they had some connection before. An example of this is where Mandeok stated "Do you still think you're unrivalled?". Mandeok also grabbed Mubong's necklace, asking "You still have this?". They had a sillier argument regarding their name change, blaming each other for copying.


A Round With God[]

As Mubong was preparing the G.O.H. tournament, he got a from local business man he made a deal to make the tournament become a reality, however the business man think his ideal is insane and cancelled the idea. Mubong got angry and used his charyeok to crush the island the business man was at. Judge P then came to Mubong side and told him that the project is going to be starting today and Mubong told her to hurry since they are running out of time.[1] Later, Mubong broke into the pentagon and met up with the president of the United States. Mubong told the president that he has urgent news and he told him that he is the member of the national assembly of the republic of Korea.[4] He then tells him that the atomic bomb has lost its value.[5]

The rest of the Judges has sent their invitations. A scene is shown where Judge R personally reports to Mubong about the finished invitations. Before he leaves, Mubong asks if his arm was broken, in which R hesitantly replies with a yes. With a sudden interest with this contestant, R leaves.[6]

As the tournament starts, Moon Giju takes notice of Jin Mori's abilities. He reports to Mubong about it, stating it was Renewal Taekwondo. They reminisce about their fight 17 years ago with the rest of The Six against Jin Taejin, the living master of Re-Taekwondo, and remembering how badly they had lost to him. They soon bring Mori to interrogate him about his connection to Jin Taejin and where he lives, which Mori happily answers to.[2]

Later Mubong sent a military team to Taejin's hideout, but they were easily defeated. He talked with Taejin, trying to bargain with him for his grandson's safety, but the later made it clear that he alone was too much for him to be able to handle. He decided that Mori could return to the tournament if he could defeat Judge Q.[7] When it was time for the match to begin, Mubong found Mori to be missing and went to find him, but then he found out the gate leading to Nah Bongchim was open. He then realized that Mori had set Bongchim free. Bongchim then explains to Mubong that Mori ate the Sage Pill and both of them end up fighting each other.[8]

Bongchim and Mubong fight with no one as a conclusive winner. When their fight gets over, they head to the arena to save Mori, since he was dying from the Sage Pill effect and Judge Q's attack. But, somehow he is able to get up again.[9] Later, he tells Bongchim that he has been trying to reassemble the members of the Six due to an upcoming threat.[10]



Consolation Match[]

World Tournament[]


RE: A Round With God[]


Park Mubong proved to be a genius from a very young age to the point of being recognized as such by the president. This is seen in how he earned a place in The Six by defeating Nah Chalban at 18 years old. We can see that he is an expert in combat, both as a martial artist and as a charyeok user. This is seen when he easily stopped the battle between two judges or when he reached a stalemate in his fight with Na Bong Chim.

After the RagnarÖk ended, Park Mubong dramatically increased his power by using The Cross. Which allowed him to easily overwhelm Park Ilpyo and Baek Seungchul, as well as kill Jin Taejin. Park Mubong lost his place in The Six due to how weak he became from the strain of increasing his power using The Cross, utilizing his own life force to further amplify it, and Jin Taejin's counterattack.

Later we see how Park Mubong uses the Loop of Binding and the energy he received from Gaia's descendants to absorb Tathagata. By becoming the supreme god, Park Mubong gained new powers and weapons. Using only 50% of his power, he managed to easily overwhelm Dan Mori, Mira, and Daewi. After completely devouring the Buddha, Park Mubong was able to access 100% of his newfound powers as the Supreme God.

  • Superhuman Endurance: He has shown remarkable endurance and stamina. Several times he has received massive injuries from opponents only to continue fighting despite pain and fatigue. Such injuries include being pierced by giant spires on his back. He was able to be up and walking a few moments later. In combat with Sang Mandeok he was stabbed in the back several times by the latter's Charyeok but he did not flinch (although he mainly did this to appear tougher to Mandeok). He was also able to keep functioning after sustaining numerous wounds from Dan Mori, which including losing a leg, arm and one of his eyes.
  • Superhuman Agility: Due to the natural strengthening of his body from training he received from his master Na Bongchim, he has superhuman agility.
  • Superhuman Speed: He has shown to have incredible speed. When he broke someone's arm in a quick flash, Kim Dusik stated that he was too fast for it to be caught on CCTV cameras. He fought with Bishops and was able to react to their attacks. The last time he fought Na Bongchim he was able to create an afterimage from his speed alone.
  • Superhuman Strength: In general, he is capable of fighting against and knocking out a large number of regular humans with ease. He was able to brush away punches from normal humans, without flinching. He was also able to easily break a thug's arm with a quick flick of his hand. Also shown when he took on a wave of swords sent after him by Mandeok.
  • High Intelligence: He has shown to have accurate deductive abilities, as he was able to figure out that Judge R had his arm broken after fighting with Mori, and even deduced where someone was hit and how fatal the attack was by simply looking at a drop of blood.[6] He is also shown to be a quick thinker, for when his plans do not go well, he is capable of improvising and figuring out alternate solutions to problems.
  • Master Combatant: As a former member of The Six he is a master of his own fighting style, whether this includes a physical fighting style or not is not yet known. As he himself stated, he is not only a powerful Charyeok user but also an expert combatant, which he promptly demonstrated by deflecting the majority of Man-Duk's dagger barrage by physical combat only.



His Longinus' Hand special ability.

Longinus: His charyeok works through his right hands which have the shape of a cross imprinted on their palms. His abilities are also often in the shape of a cross. He usually uses it in form of gravity-related abilities offensively and a barrier-like ability defensively. He can also summon Longinus' avatar to attack his enemies. His charyeok got stronger after he became an Supreme God, we see this when he uses his charyeok to cripple an unsuspecting Dan Mori and kill multiple gods.

  • Gravity Manipulation: He can crush things by applying increed gravity ranng from changing trajectory of blades, "squeezing" people, crushing the ground to create holes, and crushing an entire island.[1] This gravity manipulation also work in far distance. He can also squeeze people in the air until they implode. As gravity is one of the "four powers of the nature" that the King effortlessly use, Mubong is shown to be able to counter the King via his reverse gravity whenever the latter attempts to utilize gravity manipulation.
    • Reverse Gravity: He can change the topography of an area with gravity for both attack and defense. He can also levitate objects by reversing gravity around the area, and then thrusting them toward the target by increasing gravity over those objects.
  • Crucifixion: He can ensure his attacks never miss by using this ability. "Crucifixion" charges up slowly, but as soon as it is complete any attack he makes, regardless of the angle he makes it from, will change direction to hit a target.
    • Energy Manipulation: He can create cross-shaped energies to blast enemies.
  • Barrier: Defensively, he can create barriers strong enough to hold back Sang Man-Duk's sky sword attack, which was larger than a multistory building or stop a cave from collapsing on him.
  • Sacrificium: Offensively he is capable of bringing down a cross-shaped energy blast from the sky that creates a crater deep enough to contain Jin Mori during his battle with Dean Ockham. Mubong has referred to this ability as the Power of Absolute Destruction in a battle with Mori.
  • Spear Creation: He can conjure spears out of thin air to strike his enemies. Mujin used this ability in conjunction with the Thousand Hands to destroy all 19 clones of Jin Mori.
    • Legion Spears: Mubong can conjure typical legion spears to strike his enemies.
      • 1200 Legion Spears: Summons 1200 legion spears.
      • 2400 Legion Spears: Summons 1400 legion spears.
    • The Holy Spear of Longinus: Mujin conjure the Holy Spear of Longinus to strike his enemies.
      • 1200 Holy Spears of Longinus: Summons 1200 Holy Spears of Longinus.
      • 1008 Holy Spears of Longinus: Summons 1008 Holy Spears of Longinus.
  • The One and Only Holy Spear: It is a technique where Mubong thrust his hand at his enemies with the full force of his borrowed power.
  • Stigmata: An enhancement type Technique that is stated to be "The Ultimate Technique" activated by bringing ones hands together and making a stigma with the Spear of Longinus. Presumably, it is used together with the Single Ancient Holy Spear. He gained this ability after becoming an supreme god.
  • Single Ancient Holy Spear: Mubong pierces his enemies in the stomach or chest, forming a hole in the shape of a cross. With this technique that he obtained after he became an supreme god, Mubong eliminated the gods.

As Supreme God[]

When Park Mubong became an Supreme God, he not only gained new powers and weapons, but also allowed him to improve his charyeok to a terrifying level.

  • Physical Power
    • Enhanced physical abilities: All of his physical abilities improve after absorbing and devouring Tathagata. We see this when he destroys several Yeoui during his battle against Jin Mori.
    • Crimson Wing: By absorbing Tathagata, Mujin has access to a wing that grants him incredible speed, being fast enough to push Dan Mori from the ground into a meteorite in outer space in an instant. Formerly known as Lucifer's Wings, it was revealed in Chapter 559 that the Tathagata's power came from many gods and demons that he had devoured. Park Mujin can manifest 2 "incomplete" wings after devouring Buddha.
    • Satan's Double Wings: Park Mubong, who absorbed the Tathagata, won the battle against Satan.[11] By devouring Satan's heart , Mubong acquires his red wings, which move like blades with infinite speed and flexibility, capable of slicing Satan's arms to pieces in an instant. The main powers are material splitting and flame generation. He lost these wings when they were turned into energy and they disappeared in the last confrontation he had with Jin Mori.
    • Fiery Eyes and Golden Pupils: This ability allows him to learn totally unknown languages in an instant and see much further than normal humans. He can also see through certain materials, both organic and inorganic, see through lies, and see different types of energies from distant places.
    • Instant Regeneration: Mubong can regenerate serious injuries such as having his body and clothing regenerated.
  • Mental Powers
    • Karma/Mental Pressure: With his presence alone, Mubong is able to subdue others by filling their minds with feelings of awe (respect, fear, adoration, awe) and making them obey him, we see this when the Nephilim committed suicide on Mujin's orders. When Mubong gets angry, he can release energy that he can subdue other gods. This is seen when Mujin got angry with Satan and emitted the energy of an Supreme God with which he managed to subdue him. Although it can be resisted if one has great willpower, this is seen when Satan and Odin refused to commit suicide.
    • Illusion: He can put his enemies under illusions, like when Satan thinks he has cut him to pieces, but in reality he has pp only cut off his finger.
  • Tathagata's Powers
    • Disruptiveness Cloning: Mubong can create Tathagata clones that emerge from his enemy's body and explode, dealing heavy damage.
    • Thorns: Mubong generates long spines that emerge from inside his enemy's body, tearing them apart from the inside.
    • Telekinesis: Mubong can move objects with his mind, tearing the heads of dozens of soldiers with a simple gesture.
    • Creation of All Things: It is the ability and the skill to create matter.
    • Matter Manipulation: He can manipulate matter and use it to create a lotus-shaped fortress called ‘Nirvana’.
    • Disintegrate: Mubong can disintegrate matter with just a gesture or a thought.
    • Thousand Hands: He can generate several ghostly arms that emerge from his back.
    • Infinity Barrier: Is a technique created by Park Mubong by interpreting Daewi's Fundamental Force Mastery.
    • Inmortality: Supreme gods cannot die from natural causes like old age, but they can die from unnatural causes.
    • Biological Manipulation: Mubong can manipulate the remaining pieces of Tathagata to create a baby Tathagata monster with wings and bizarre appearance.
    • Mt. Oheng: Mubong spawns five cross-shaped mountains, each made up of one of the five elements (fire, water, wood, earth, and metal) that crush his enemy.
    • Yin Yang United: By combining the Yang in one hand and the Yin in the other, Mubong can generate shock waves powerful enough to knock back even the likes of Satan.
    • Probability Manipulation: Mubong is capable of manipulating and changing the timeline as seen during his fight with Q, where his future self was aware of Dean. He was also generally unaffected by the combined abilities of Dean, Sujin and Q.
    • Cosmic Awareness: Mubong is capable of sensing any large energy source from any distance. It does not even matter if his target is in another dimensional or outside of space and time all together, as Mubong sensed Mori Dan and Satan in the Divine Realm which is outside the rest of the universe.
    • Planet Toss: He was shown to possess this ability when he used it after being damaged by Maitreya, while being swallowed by the Tathagata, he threw Mount Oheng and planets of different sizes at Jin Mori.
    • Reality Warping: He can change the world anyway he sees fit, Mubong stated in order for new life to be born it needs to break out of it’s s egg and the universe is the egg having control over his universe by warping it/shattering it.
    • Malice: It's a skill that Park Mujin risked his life on, it's about putting all his divine power and life force into a single attack. However, it is blocked by the Jin Hwechook that has reached the perfect circle.
    • Portal Creation & Warp: Park Mubong gained this ability upon completing his fusion with the Tathagata, he can open portals. He used this ability to summon numerous spears, the sun, and 3 blue giants. Mubong used this ability to try and restart the universe by destroying the solar system.

Weapons And National Treasure[]

Loop Of Binding[]

It It is a sacred object used (and supposedly created) by the Supreme God Buddha to seal Sun Wukong's powers as punishment for his rebellion and as a security measure to ensure that Jin Mori protects Tang Sanzang during his journey. Jin Mori lost it during RagnarÖk. Park Mubong retrieved it intending to use it to kill Buddha, but later decided to use it to devour Tathagata and become the new Supreme God. The Loop Of Binding was dyed red before being destroyed by Jin Mori's Jin Hwechook.

The Loop of Binding has various abilities, but the main powers of it are:

  • Control and sealing of divine and demonic powers
  • Regeneration
  • Form Alteration

Holy Grail (Before)[]

An artefact capable of sealing Gods and Demons. He used the last remaining two usages to seal the Jade Emperor's Fundamental Force Manipulation and Jin Mori, the Supreme God at the time.

The Cross (Before)[]

It is revealed that the Cross he wears is the precursor of G.O.H. limiters.[12] It allows him to store energy for a one time use power-up. He has been doing it for 17 years just to get his revenge on Jin Taejin.

Tathagata's Eight Symbols[]

Are a series of weapons owned by Tathagata then later Park Mubong. These weapons resonate with the power of the user, and their power depends on the level of power they have. In other words, if the user is weak, the power of the weapon is weak.

Park Mubong's right arm (before)[]

It is a prosthetic that allows Park Mubong to use Project Wi-Fi, which is both a way to compensate for his declining power after RagnarÖk and a way to combat the overwhelming power of the Jade Emperor and 666:Satan.

Project Wi-Fi uses mobile repeater stations in conjunction with various base stations in the area to search for surrounding Charyeok. These charyeok then sync up using the NOA computer, the Nox technology left over after RagnarÖk, and the agents. After that, multiple synchronized charyeok can be used as their own. Agents help the user to control the numerous charyeok.

However, Project Wi-Fi can't properly use manifested charyeok, this is seen when they couldn't bring out the full potential of The Princes of Natak, something Dan Ahan can do. Also, it wasn't durable and powerful enough for Park Mubong's liking, as he broke under the Jade Emperor's "incomplete" attack and couldn't properly damage Han Daewi. It also has adverse effects on organic beings, this is seen when P's daughter was deformed just from being near Pak Mubong when she used it.

When Baek Seungcheol took over Project Wi-Fi after Mujin's fall, he corrected previous flaws by improving it, his improvements not only gave it better capacity and range, but also made it more autonomous. Although he was unable to fully resolve the issue regarding its effects on organic beings, this is seen in how Mira had difficulty having children due to the use of the Project Wi-Fi.

During During the final battle between Dan Mori and Park Mubong, Mira used Project Wi-Fi to gather all the energy and charyeok from the humans and Generation X to complete Maitreya's transformation. It can be assumed that this process rendered Project Wi-Fi useless due to the fact that most of the Charyeok were lost.

Various commands can be executed to create different effects, the main abilities Park Mubong uses are:

  • Long Range Damage Dealing: A command for the long ranged charyeok to create covering fire.
  • Support for Buff and Debuff: A command for charyeok with support effects to weaken the enemy and/or empower the user.
  • Named Charyeok Mirroring: A command that copies a surrounding Charyeok, there used to be a risk of systems overheating whenever this ability was used, but Baek Seungcheol solved this problem by taking over Project Wi-Fi. Park Mubong can temporarily negate and steal the divine power of the current Jade Emperor's divine power and even using it as a charyeok-like avatar.

Tathagata's robe[]

Clothes he got after he became an supreme god. The robe is believed to have the same functions as Yongyo and the Robe of the Sage.

Divine Punishment: Planet - Destructive Weapon

A the name suggest it is a Planetary Destruction Weapon, capable of erasing a planets existence with an enormous energy blast. The energy blast can bend to make sure it hits the target. It could be used with the Kaleidoscope to amplify its power. It is stored in an hatch, located at the center of the Promised land.

Notes & Trivia[]

  • Mubong thinks that the name of Project Wi-Fi sucks. [dont know how to embed it properly, but this is chapter 339/ep 337] [citation needed]
  • The author shows the irony in this character when seeing how his actions had an opposite effect to what he wanted to achieve. This is seen in:
    • He created the Project Wi-Fi to not only challenge the gods but also empower humans and Generation X, but in the end it was used to help a god and weaken humans and Generation X by eliminating the chaeyeok.
    • Park Mujin claims that he hates Nox for causing pain to humans even though he and his judges ended up being just as cruel, in some cases even worse.
    • When he became the world president, he claimed to uphold human centrism and created policies for the good of humanity, but they ended up creating inequality and division causing more suffering to humans.
    • When confronted by Daewi, he said that the reason he wanted to make humans extinct was because they entrusted their survival to others instead of fighting for themselves. This fact was clearly a cover because he already knew that most of the humans were fighting to kill Park Mujin. Something else that must be clarified is that he himself became the greatest threat to humans, the species he claimed to want to protect, he was even willing to sacrifice children of Generation X in order to kill humans.
  • Park Mubong created the Promised Land stating that it was for Generation X to live and develop their abilities, but Daewi said that he did it to erase his past and rule in that world. This seems to be true since, according to Gaia, he was able to create his new world without having to destroy the earth and at every critical moment of humans' extinction, he only thought of erasing his weak past and all his horrible memories.
  • Park Mujin stated that he doesn't care what people think of him or how they will remember him after his death, but he proved that he does when he went crazy seeing how much the humans hated him despite everything he did for them. It should be noted that he was very hypocritical because he ignored that the main reason they loved him was for saving the world (an achievement he stole from Jecheondaeseong) and all the bad things he did. It must also be clarified that although he did good things, they were done based on the sacrifices of innocent people and that he did more bad things than good.
    • More of his hypocrisy can be seen when he is shocked to see how his daughter chooses to help Jecheondaeseong instead of him despite him calling her the lowest of the low and abandoned her on earth to die with the rest of the humans or when he calls the gods parasites for taking advantage of humans even though he did the same when he took advantage of his allies by using, discarding and betraying them to achieve his goals.
  • Park Mubong claimed to be more mature than others by calling others brats or children even though he sometimes acted more childish. We can see this when he goes crazy seeing how hated he is, while Jin Mori remains calm to be hated by the hmans even though he was the one who saved them. He can also be seen in how he holds a grudge against Jin Taejin by not being able to get over being defeated by him or when he called Mori a boy even though Sun Wukong was centuries older than him.