Park Il-Tae
Park Il-Tae
Vital Statistics
Status Deceased
Race & Species Human
Gender Male
Style Practical Taekkyeon
Renewal Taekwondo
Ssam-Su Taekkyeon
Charyeok None
Current Status
Occupation Soldier
Affiliation Renewal Taekwondo Force
Relatives Park Il-Pyo (Grandson)
Park Seung-Ah (Grand-Niece)
Park Seung-Min (Grand-Niece)
Debut Chapter 58

Park Il-Tae is the grandfather of Park Il-Pyo and the person who created Ssam-Su Taekkyeon. He was once a member of Renewal Taekwondo Team led by Jin Tae-Jin.


Il-Tae had a appearance similar to Il-Pyo. He had blue hair, black eyes and slight beard.


Park Il-Tae was one of the soldiers under Tae-Jin and he respected him. He loved his family and wanted to do his best for them.



Park Il-Tae was a expert martial artist and was one of few that were sent to North Korea for Operation Giglamesh. His strength was such he was one of the few fighters that survived for the longest period. He was trained in both practical Taekkyon and Renewal Taekwondo

He had great knowledge about both styles and was able to use Renewal Taekwondo to cover weaknesses of practical Taekkyon and create a new style, Ssam-Su Taekkyon.

Superhuman Endurance: Park Il-Tae has shown remarkable endurance and stamina. Several times he has received massive injuries from opponents only to continue fighting despite pain and fatigue.

Superhuman Agility: Due to the natural strengthening of his body from training he has supernatural Agility. He is agile enough move any any position as he sees fit. He has shown the ability to effortlessly flip and jump around a fight using most surfaces to his advantage.

Super Human Strength: Park Il-Tae has shown strength numerous times throughout the series during many fights. Park Il-Tae has blown apart his surrounding with a single kick even after fighting for hours.

Superhuman Speed: Park Il-Tae has shown remarkable speed. Several times he has closed the distance from opponents and appear near them in an instant.

Martial Arts

Practical Taekkyeon

Park Il-Tae was a master of Practical Taekkyeon before he joined Renewal Taekwondo Squad.

Renewal Taekwondo

Park Il-Tae joined Renewal Taekwondo Squad as a corporal, and is knowledgeable enough to use it to cover for practical taekkyeon's weakness.

Ssam-Su Taekkyeon

He used his knowledge of Practical Taekkyeon and Renewal Taekwondo to create Ssam-Su Taekkyeon

  • Secret Technique: Inferno Kick: By igniting the concentrated air in the surrounding, it catches on fire and the user guide the fire by kicking it towards the enemy.