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Nine-Tails Guardian is the Charyeok of Park Ilpyo. It is extremely powerful as it allowed him to beat Jin Mori with a few kicks.


It significantly changes the appearance of its user giving them white hair and fox like eyes with red corners. It also changes their pupils into slits. This Charyeok also gives the user seven fox tails made of flames and fox ears on the top of their head.

The appearance and number of tails varies depending on the user. Using all 9 tails makes the borrower's hair longer and darker, as well as reddening their eyes.


Nine-Tails Guardian is currently the only Charyeok that changes the appearance of its user, besides Yu Mi-Ra's Yeo-Po Bong-Seon. It is one of the most powerful Charyeok seen to date. It is so powerful that not even Greed could contain it for too long on its first try.

Health Generation: This ability allows the user to regain a small amount of health through being being covered in a small amount of flames.

Physical Enhancement: It greatly enhances all of its user's physical attacks, speed and power. This allows the user to strike, kick and generally attack an opponent to the point where it can no longer be traced with the untrained naked eye.

Ability Awakening: Being one of the Keys it has the ability to awaken the potential within a person to enable them to attack gods, nephilim and higher beings that they couldn't previously hurt.

Pyrokinesis: It also grants the user the ability to create and manipulate fire. Park Il-Pyo often summons foxes made out of flames or creates scythe like blades coming from his elbows to attack that is part of his Nine Tails transformation form.

Fox Generation: The user can summon many nine-tailed foxes ranging in size made out of fire.

Tails Activation: An ability gained by entering direct contract with with this legendary god. The user can gain the tails as a means to increase his power.[1] The greater the amount of tails activated, the greater burden upon the user's body.[2]

  • Ninth Tail Unleashed: The ultimate level of Tails Activation. It radically changes the user's appearance. It is marked by hair becoming longer and black.
  • Increased Physical Enhancement: This mode substantially multiplies all of the user's physical capabilities as two users, Park Il-Pyo and Jegal Taek (through Greed), could equally fight and defeat gods. In this mode Park Il-Pyo fought evenly with Shiva, the Master of the Third Heavenly Realm, although by his own admission, Shiva was actually stronger than him.