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National Treasures

National Treasures, or Halidom in Vatican, are items from human history that gain a significant amount of fame and as such are well coveted by persons for their power. They each have a will of their own and chooses a master who is most worthy of them, this choice is called the National Treasure Certification Exam. This exam seems to involve a voluntary response by the treasure to its owners, e.g. teleporting to Yu Mi-Ra which proved her ownership.

Types and Appearances

There are different types of National Treasures and, as such, they each have a different appearance. Some of the treasures are even capable of changing their forms. These weapons range from swords to bats, knives, guns, even rocket launchers. National treasures can be given by gods the Power Borrower commune or made by artisans. National treasures given by the gods aren't the original weapon used by the gods themselves. The only exception is if the borrower is the god's lineal descendant, in which case the Power Borrower can summon the real weapon used by their ancestor.


All national treasures have the ability to chose its owner and with it it grants a multitude of other abilities. These are abilities common among National Treasures.

  • Teleportation: It is capable of teleporting to its owner. It appears to have no set distance and will appear either when called or needed.
  • Levitation: It has also been seen levitating and coming to its owner on command.
  • Attack Enhancement: It is capable of enhancing attacks and cutting through powerful Charyeok easily. It is also capable of blocking extremely powerful attacks.
  • Charyeok Amplification: It also amplifies a person's Charyeok but this function can only be used three consecutive times for an unknown time period.

Known National Treasures and Users

Name Type User
Bong-Seon Sword Yu Mi-Ra
Walmung Sword Moon Gi-Joo
Durandal Sword Axley
Tiny Dragon's Nunchuks Nunchucks Ma Bo-Ra
Teddy-Bear Launcher Mk.3 Gun Saturn
108 Unknown Treasures Multiple types Seo Han-Ryang
Holy Grail Chalice Paul
Adam & Eve Pistols John
Malleus Maleficarum Mace Maria
Kopia Spear Aldon Ski
Mjolnir Unknown Anna
Ascalon Sword Shim Bong-Sa
Mulungma & Seanne Spear & Shield Mujahedin
Cho-hong Sword Seo Han-Ryang
K2 Assault Rifle Seo Han-Ryang
K15 Bazooka Seo Han-Ryang
Mugunghwa Axe Seo Han-Ryang
Dabo Sword Seo Han-Ryang
Seorak Axe Seo Han-Ryang
Gáe Bolg Staff Seo Han-Ryang
Mireu Sniper Rifle Seo Han-Ryang
Chuseok Gun Seo Han-Ryang
Daeungjeon Sword Seo Han-Ryang
Green Ring Lance Seo Han-Ryang
Blue Cloud Sword Sword Seo Han-Ryang
The Rapier of Jeanne D'Arc Sword Andre Oscar
The Staff of Apollon Club Samuel Rosinante
Kusanagi Sword Sword Kusanagi Kyoichi
Bow of Hercules Bow Samuel Rosinante
Yata's Mirror Shield Kusanagi Kyoichi
Purple Snake Whip Violet Ella Wong Perez
Unnamed Casket Vincent
Devil Sword: Murasaki Sword Eric Sin
Jebe's Bow Bow Priest Fangwu
Staff of Merlin Staff Argo
Bow of Artemis Bow Leonardo
Gungnir Spear Abel
Blade of Tathagata Sword Tathagata
Cane of the Sage Cane The King
The Cross Religious Symbol Park Mu-Bong
Philip II's Sarissa Spear Jose Alexandors
Hoplon Shield Jose Alexandors
Ariadne’s Silk Thread Judge G
Rashomon Playing Cards Judge F
Unnamed Guandao Judge B
Laevateinn Broadsword Unnamed G.O.H. Participant
Yongpyo Armour Suit The Monkey King


  • It seems that all the known National Treasures were named after real life weapons from history or myths.
  • Jeon Jaesan is described as a "Living National Treasure."