Minotaurs carrying hostages

Minotaurs are a species of demons that is located in the Sage Realm. They are located in the Ore Country and was affiliated with the Ore Kingdom as allies in Era of the original Monkey King

Physiology and Appearance

The Minotaurs appearance are similar to a normal man except that their head is a bull's and they have hooves instead of legs. They also possess horns as well as bull/cow ears. The color of the minotaurs skin is red. Some minotaurs have tails while the others do not. The higher up in social class a minotaur is the more human like they are and the less likely they would possess a tail or be of red skin although a trait all minotaurs have are horns. The most human Minotaur is their King, Uma.


They seem to be an oppressive race as they enslaved their previous allies the Mount Hwagwa Monkey after a new king appeared. However, they all seem to have a fetish towards horns and are attracted to minotaurs with larger horns like their king.


The minotaurs of the Sage Realm are known to be exceptionally powerful. They are known to possess great physical strength, agility, speed, reflexes, etc. There powers originate from their horns.

Like the monkeys they are capable of using their own form of magic.

Known Minotaurs


Character Occupation Status
Uma King of the Minotaurs, Oxen King In a contract with Baek Seung-Chul


Character Occupation
Right Horn Soldier of Uma's Castle Currently in the Ore Kingdom
Left Horn Soldier of Uma's Castle Currently in the Ore Kingdom
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