Military organization is the structuring of the armed forces of a state so as to offer military capability required by the national defence policy. In some countries paramilitary forces are included in a nation's armed forces, though not considered military. Armed forces which are not a part of military or paramilitary organisations, such as insurgent forces, often mimic military organizations, or use ad hoc structures.

Military organisation is hierarchical. The use of formalised ranks in a hierarchical structure came into widespread use with the Roman Army. In modern times, executive control, management and administration of military organisations is typically undertaken by the government through a government department within the structure of public administration, often known as a Ministry of Defence, Department of Defence, or Department of War. These in turn manage Armed Services that themselves command combat, combat support and service support formations and units.

In the The God of High School world mamy military groups was utilized by various countries to spy or to infiltrate enemy countries and steal artifacts.

Known Groups

Name Country Status Leader
RE Taekwondo Force North Korea


Jin Tae-Jin
MK Unit America Destroyed Choi Do-Ha


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