Mage is the Charyeok of Jun Ju-Gok. However, after his defeat the Mage was absorbed by Greed.


The mage has a large wizard's hat that covers his eyes a white beard running down to his chest and wears a gray coat.


This provides him the ability to use magic like ability like creating fires circles and lighting bolts to attack the opponent.

Pyrokinesis: His Charyeok has shown the ability to generate and manipulate fire at will. He has shown to able able to create circles of fire with it.

Electrokinesis: His has also shown to be able to summon and attack at will with lightning often electrocuting his opponents.


Teleportation: He could teleport the attacks of Jae Tael-Tak back at him.

Petrification: It is capable of casting a petrification spell that is powerful enough to petrify Jae Tael-Tak and Greed