Limiter Removal: By hitting a pressure point in the brain, the user is able to remove the limiters that are placed on their body. To use this skill properly, the user needs to consume Sage Pill. This can be combined with Nabong Needle Ryu No Pain but at the cost of death, for human. After a certain of time, the effect of the technique will stop and the user will experience a tremendous amount of pain from using the technique, this is known as Rebound. The technique can be stacked, granting the user even more power at the cost of greater rebound pain.


  • Limiter Removal x2
    • The most common variant of this technique, as well as the least powerful and dangerous, is still capable of causing serious injury to human beings, even if they are high-level martial artists, if they do not use it carefully.
  • Limiter Removal x8
    • Humans would inevitably die using this variant, as the rebound is too much for the human body. Only demons and gods can use it relatively freely.
  • Limiter Removal x8 and No Pain
    • It increases the user's physical capabilities eight times and makes him unable to feel any type of damage, the rebound was almost fatal even for Jin Mori when he still thought he was a human being.
  • Limiter Removal x16
    • Variant used by Hui Mori.
  • Limiter Removal x24
    • Variant used by Hui Mori in Monkey King Mode to compensate for his lack of strength compared to Jin Mori.
  • Limiter Removal x52
    • Variant used by Jung Mori in his fight against Dan Mori.
  • Limiter Removal x72
    • Variant used by Hui Mori in Monkey King Mode to compensate for his lack of strength compared to Jin Mori. Hui Mori cannot go beyond this point without risk of vanishing.
  • Limiter Removal x190,000
    • Increases the physical capabilities of the user 190,000 times. Only Jin Mori can use this variant (and only when in good condition and in Monkey King Mode). Even in perfect condition, the rebound is so great that his body can barely support it without permanent sequelae. The power he acquires is such that the planet is unable to support it, so he can only use this technique in space.
  • Limiter Removal x250,000
    • The last, most dangerous and powerful, variant of the technique. It was only used briefly by Jin Mori in his battle with Satan, yet his power was such that he was able to "put out the sun" for an instant. The rebound was so great that he permanently injured his body, so that he is unable to resist his original power. Even 17 years later, these wounds have not healed even a little.


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