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Huh? H..hey? Hold on... I'm still transforming... okay?!

"Huh? H..hey? Hold on... I'm still transforming... okay?!"

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Sujin Lee (리수진, Li Sujin; "Sujin Lee") is a former antagonist turned supporting character in The God of High School, one of the two Keys, and a former Bishop of the Nox. 17 years after RagnarÖk, Sujin has become the leader of anti-government organization Balhae.


Sujin has an athletic figure with short purple hair and lavender eyes. Her outfit as a Bishop of Nox consisted of a midriff baring grey sleeveless dress shirt with a yellow tie, baggy grey cargo pants and black heeled boots. Her accessories were wristbands and an eye patch over her right eye. When her Charyeok was activated Sujin's hair grew to thigh length, she gained a veil and a black and red box and her revealed right eye glowed while bleeding.

After leaving Nox, she wore a red hoodie, dark shorts and a large brown backpack. Her activated Charyeok now took on a more armored appearance featuring a black pinstriped cleavage-bearing bodysuit, slim-fitting lavender and cyan pieces covering her arms and shoulders, a small green tie with black collars and armoured stockings held up by garter-belt straps.

Seventeen years after the events of RagnarÖk, Sujin has now grown her hair out (resembling the style that forms when she entered her Pandora form) and she wears nothing but a black strapless bra-like garment, grey cargo pants and black boots.


Sujin is normally a calm, steady authority figure, especially after she becomes one of the Six. However, she can also be a bit childish, shown by how quickly she nearly buckles to Ilpyo's offer of unlimited McDonalds combos in exchange for her amity.[1] She also has a sweet tooth.

During battle, she is focused and ruthless, willing to defect from Nox just to achieve her goal of defeating and possibly killing Jin Mori. She has a hate for South Korea because of events that occurred in childhood.

She is also shown to lie, as she proceeded to lie to Taejin Jin about the results of her bout with Mori Jin, saying that he was no match for her. Taejin ultimately believed her.


Sujin is the granddaughter of the infiltrator that was captured by the government. While her grandfather was in captive, her mother and her grandmother were sent to the mines to work, there her mother got pregnant with her and gave birth to her. There, Sujin developed a deep grudge for South Korea for the suffering she and her mother had to go through.

In the mines, while Sujin was five years old, she's shown to have been favored by most of the older miners and was given food by them, even if it meant risking their lives.

One time when Sujin sneaked into the mines that her mother and friends were digging in to give her mother a snack, the walls cracked and caved them in. Luckily, the airline still worked and the workers all agreed to take turns breathing in. Hours later, Sujin was sleeping and her mother noticed that the other workers were advancing on them. Then Sujin's mother demanded what they were doing, and their friends replied that they talked and let the mother-daughter duo to breathe through the airline, claiming that they had lived their life and that she should save her child. Hours later, the miners including Sujin's mother died of lack of oxygen and helping Sujin escape.[2]

After being rescued by Bongsa and his South Korean military taskforce, who later planned to kill her, much to Bongsa's displease. Bongsa refusing to allow them. When approached by his superior officer, Ryu, Bongsa summons his Borrowed Power, Sapsal Dog, to take Sujin away while he fights his officer. [3]

She later wakes up in front of a military post, where she was indoctrinated and spent years learning her grandfathers ITF. Til the age of 16, she slaughtered her fellow officers, claiming to have taken up the task to infiltrate South Korea. There she acquired a taste for fast food after being treated to a meal by Sin Yunseong, and afterwards she joined Nox.

Later in the series, she previously directs her mother's hatred and bitterness to Jin Taejin and anyone associated with him. As the result, that grudge was carried over to his grandson, Jin Mori. She becomes a Bishop and seeks revenge by killing Jin Taejin and anyone associated with him. 


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A Round With God

Sujin was seen in a flashback of Gang Manseok, offering to take him as her pupil.


After fishing a Yunseong wounded by a bomb out of the river, Sujin agreed to accompany him to Busan where she used her abilities to counter the powers of Sakura Yui, though she subsequently leaves because she discovered that Shadow is an enemy of Nox. Later Sujin was sworn in as a Bishop and learned of her powers as a Key.

Sage Realm Arc

World Tournament Arc

Sujin is seen with Gang Manseok, watching the construction of the Nox World Tournament Colosseum, commenting on how she senses Jin Taejin in there.

Sujin is seen again saving Judge O, with Gang Manseok tagging along. Hosik instantly recognizes Sujin as a traitor and they begin a short one-sided battle ending with Sujin putting Hosik in an illusion.

Soujin outclassing Hosik

Before anything else can happen, Xiao Chen arrives. After being overpowered, fearing further conflict with the dangerous Xiao Chen, Sujin and Gang Manseok retreat.

Lee Sujin lying to Jin Taejin about the results of her match with Jin Mori

She is seen once more, saving Jin Taejin with Gang Manseok and Ma Bora accompanying her. While defeating a couple guards, Jin Taejin comments on how he's glad she survived. When he asked if Jin Mori won the battle between them, she outright lies that she won, angering Jin Taejin who honestly believes she won.[4]

Lee Sujin reappears again, piercing from above, The King's Big Bang attack before it's fully in effect. Finishing it with a combination of Northern ITF Taekwondo and Baek Seungchul and Uma, using Pacho II.

The King resisted the attacks by summoning his Robe of the Sage, but Sujin uses the opportunity to take his Cane of the Sage and hand it to Kim Ungnyeo, telling her to bring Jin Mori out of Sage Realm.

Attempting to use his fundamental force manipulation, The King's efforts is negated by Lee Sujin's, The Hope: Sovereignty, Pandora skill.

The King, not being able to use his godly powers because of Sujin, resorted to using his copied Martial Arts, using Northern ITF Taekwondo to counterattack. Lee Sujin proclaimed them as only improvised attacks, prompting the king to use Hui Mori's original Kicking Imoogi. [5]

RE: A Round With God


Jin Mori

Lee Suhyuk

Jin Taejin

Gang Manseok

Xiao Chen


Lee Sujin is a very powerful and dangerous fighter shown to have beaten The Six leader and most powerful fighter Kim Ungnyeo. She is the master of Gang Manseok, being the one who taught him Northern ITF Taekwondo.

Superhuman Endurance: Lee Sujin has shown remarkable endurance and stamina. Several times she has received massive injuries from opponents only to continue fighting despite pain and fatigue.

Superhuman Agility: Due to the natural strengthening of her body from training she has superhuman agility. She is agile enough move any position as he sees fit. She has shown the ability to effortlessly flip and jump around a fight using most surfaces to her advantage.

Superhuman Strength: Lee Sujin has shown strength numerous times throughout the series during many fights. Even without charyeok, her kick blown apart Sage Realm, in her fight against Jin Mori.

Superhuman Speed: Lee Sujin has shown remarkable speed. Several times she has closed the distance from opponents and appear near them in an instant.


Pandora: Lee Sujin's charyeok and the second Key introduced in the series. Like the other Key it changes the appearance of the user. She can create diseases and illness wherever she goes and she seems to have the power to produce poison from her body.

Ability Sealing: Being one of the keys, Pandora has the ability to seal away powers. When used on a god, this seal can also carry them down to a lower plane.

Ability Awakening: Being one of the keys it has the ability to lift the seal on a person enabling them to attack gods, angels, and nephilim. It can also undo the seals it placed on gods. It can bring out a person's true power.

Physical Enhancement: It greatly enhances all of its user's physical attacks, speed, and power.

Toxigenesis: It gives her the ability to generate and create various poisons ranging from acids to knock out gasses. These poisons can be released on contact and their effects can vary from simply corroding to causing the body to dissipate entirely.

Pathogenesis: It gives her the ability to generate and manipulate various diseases and symptoms ranging from fever, blindness, paralysis, etc. She can manifest these diseases by simply looking at her target.

Hallucinations/Illusions: Pandora gives her the power to cause intensely vivid, psychosomatic hallucinations/illusions. These can make the victim feel intense pain, extreme cold, imagine diseases, etc. 

Armor: Through the use of Pandora's box Sujin can invoke an armor onto herself. This armor can even further increase her physical abilities, especially attack power and durability. 

Telekinesis: Pandora gives Lee Sujin the power of telekinesis. She demonstrated this when she levitated the hundreds of Sky Whales across the Sage Realm. She has also levitated herself.

Telepathy: Sujin has demonstrated inter-dimensional telepathy.

Force Field:  Lee Sujin has been shown to create durable force fields.


Northern ITF Taekwondo

  • Hyperspeed: Basically it is a type of movement technique that allows one to appear behind, next to, above, etc their opponent instantaneously. It also enhances all the user's attack following this movement.

Right Flamingo

  • Wave Rebound: This is used to bounce off shock wave and send it back to the opponent who sent it.
  • Front Kick: This technique is simply a front kick with enormous strength behind it. Sujin, like her pupil, favor this kick as her ultimate technique a la Dragon Sign Hwechook.
  • Hoe Grab: A kick used to grab an opponent's arm/arms in order to break their guard.
  • Baekdu: A knee attack delivered to the opponent causing them to fly at a considerable distance. It can be combined in quick succession to change the direction of the opponent. It is used to entice the opponent to guard.
  • Three-Pronged Strike: Executes consecutive kicks at the head three times in a row either from left or right, followed straight away from the opposite direction, then from behind. If the victim flinches and tries to evade by going back damage increases. The Renewal Taekwondo version of this is 3rd Stance Hwechook.
  • Meteor Kick: This technique was used by Lee Sujin to counter Dragon Sign Hwechook.

Left Flamingo

  • Straw Cutter: This is a kick performed in a diagonal motion at the neck of a person forming a scissor shape as the legs go down using the left leg. It is similar to the Scissor technique used in Renewal Taekwondo and is in fact used to block said technique.
  • Cutter Hanger: a technique used to hold someone's attacking leg, limiting their follow-up option, in addition to making room for the user to use Right Flamingo attacks. It is Straw Cutter's follow-up attack.

Charyeok Techniques

  • Reflection: It has the ability to reflect any attack aim at the user whether it is physical, charyeok or otherwise. Even though she was able to completely reflect the charyeok powers of other human characters, however, she was only able to redirect The Eldest Crown Prince's attack slightly.
  • The Hope - Sovereignty: This is a skill that allows the user manipulate the laws of physics and casually within a designated area, allowing the user to become sovereign - effectively God - within the affected area. Lee Sujin used this to effectively slow down time and reduce the blast radius of the hundreds of explosions that would have otherwise vaporized the planet. Whenever this ability is used, the Lee Sujin grows 3 angelic wings on the right side of her body and one on her left. The Hope - Sovereignty is stated to be the only power that can nullify Okhwang's control over natural forces, a power that was demonstrated when she used it to counter all of Okhwang's abilities.