Huh? H..hey? Hold on... I'm still transforming... okay?!

"Huh? H..hey? Hold on... I'm still transforming... okay?!"

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Lee Marin (리마린, Li Ma-Rin; "Marine Lee") was one of participants of the Jeju Island Team at G.O.H Nationals. In truth, Lee Marin was murdered and his identity was impersonated by a member of Nox through the usage of the Charyeok, Doppelganger.


Marin had dark-colored skin with a well built body, yellow-coloured eyes and an oval face, which was due to his diving habit. His bald head was extremely pointed and he was always seen wearing swimming googles on his forehead. Outside, he wore a hooded cape, but during the battle, he simply wore a pair of Speedos, due to his swimming-based background.


The individual impersonating Lee Marin had a somewhat violent personality and was brutal enough to attempt to kill his opponents. He also maintained a carefree attitude and kept praising Mira for her good techniques. In the end, he would do anything to win, even taking help from his team members in some way or other. After getting beaten badly by Yu Mira, he became even more aggressive.




Lee Marin was a very strong fighter. He had a remarkably high HP of 1200,[1] relating to his incredible stamina.[2] He also applied oil on his complete body to reduce the power of cutting attacks.[1]



  • Health Restoration: Because of the Kraken's incredible regenerative abilities, Lee Marin was able to completely restore his HP back to its fullest. However, he could only use this ability three times.[3]

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Bongseon: A National Treasure weapon, it is Yu Mira's sword which was stolen by the Nox. He was able to bring out the true strength of the sword.

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