"Huh? H..hey? Hold on... I'm still transforming... okay?!"

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Lee Ma-Rin
Vital Statistics
Age 17
Status Deceased
Race & Species Human
Gender Male
Level 7
Charyeok Kraken
HP 1200
GP 9
Weapon Bong-Seon (National Treasure)
Current Status
Occupation G.O.H Participant
Affiliation Jeju Island Team
Nox (Imposter)
Debut Chapter 62 (Hooded)

Chapter 63 (Fully)

Lee Ma-Rin is one of participants of the Jeju Island Team at G.O.H Nationals. He was killed and replaced by an imposter who fought Yu Mi-Ra and Jin Mo-Ri at the Nationals.


Ma-Rin has a dark colored skin with a well built body and an oval face, which is due to his diving habit. His bald head is extremly pointed and he is always wearing a swimming googles on his forehead. He also has yellow eyes. Outside, he wears a hooded cape, but during the battle, he wears just a V shaped briefs, due to his sea related background.


The imposter being a player killer, has a somewhat violent personality and tries to kill his opponents. He also maintained a carefree attitude and kept praising Mi-Ra for her good techniques. In the end, he will do anything to win, even taking help from his team members in some way or other. After getting beaten badly by Yu Mi-Ra, he became even more aggressive.




Yi Ma-Rin is a very strong fighter, who is seen first at the Nationals. He has the highest HP = 1200, which refers to his durability. He also applied oil on his complete body to reduce the damage given to him.


Kraken: Ma-Rin's Charyeok is Kraken which absorbs the opponent's Charyeok and converts it into health, returning his HP back to highest.

Charyeok Absorption: By absorbing an opponents Charyeok, Lee Ma-Rin's health is returned to it's fullest however he can only use it for three times.

Martial Arts


Great Eight Limb Fish Sword: A technique performed by combining his swimming, Bong-Seon, and his charyeok together.

National Treasure


Bong Seon, a National Treasure is Yu Mi-Ra's sword which was stolen by the Nox. He was able to bring out the true strength of the sword.

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