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Huh? H..hey? Hold on... I'm still transforming... okay?!

"Huh? H..hey? Hold on... I'm still transforming... okay?!"

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Kim Ungnyeo (김웅녀, Kim Ungnyeo; "Ungnyeo Kim") was a member and founder of The Six.


Ungnyeo was a slim woman, with an average build. She was much older than she looked, as her powers reverted her to a juvenile form every time she used them (as well as knowing many people in the past—based on how she knew about the Monkey King and Sang Mandeok). She had dark brown hair tied in a long ponytail with a red flower pin. She wore traditional Korean clothing consisting of hanbok and white-pink slippers.


She had a very strict personality and would use force to stop people from fighting amongst themselves. She didn't care who a person was even to the point of harming Jin Mori, a god, when he asked her who she was.




Consolation Match

World Tournament


RE: A Round with God


Ungnyeo was a member of The Six and was very skilled in combat. She was able to capture Ma Bora easily after she was awakened and even able to hit an exhausted Mori without him even seeing her punches. Even when her body regressed to that of a child, she could hold off several Dantes and even intimidate them.

Superhuman Strength: Ungnyeo possessed considerable strength, even in her child body. In her adult body, she easily dominated the third Dante who possessed multiple souls of his 'brothers'.

Superhuman Speed: Although not shown as clear as other characters, it could be seen when Ungnyeo protected Hui Mori in her child body. She fended of multiple Dantes while also protecting the clone of Monkey King. In her adult body, her speed was great enough to contend with The King.

Superhuman Endurance: Both in her adult and child body, Ungnyeo was shown to be quite resilient. For example, she endured the pain of being hit with Sang Mandeok's charyeok and still able to open a portal to Sage Realm. In her adult body, she endured getting hit multiple times by The King who uses Fundamental Force Manipulation to enhance his prowess and still getting up.

Knowledge of Rituals: Ungyeo could use several rituals for various effects, such as a ritual where she only ate garlic and mugwort and chanted for 100 days to strengthen her power in situations where she used too much of her Original Way of Borrowing Power.

  • Dimension Portal: She could open a portal to other dimensions such as the Sage Realm, although she needed sacred place to do it. When she used it, two jangseung dressed in white durumagis came up from the ground, along with a large wooden gate with a red and blue taegeuk on it.
  • Interdimensional Telepathy: She had also demonstrated the ability to speak telepathically between dimensions. Although it required the receiver to have something to receive it, such as a Fox Orb.


Trinity: The Gods of the Wind, the Rain, and the Clouds: These are the gods that Eve made contracts with. The power of her charyeok allowed her to manipulate weather-related phenomenon. Kim Ungnyeo had been shown to manipulate electricity to a certain extent and manipulate the clouds, such as when she used clouds to temporarily trap The King and disable The King's electromagnetic manipulation.

Ungnyeo granting a wish

The Original Way Of Borrowing Power: As one of the few today who had access to it, Ungnyeo's charyeok could be used alternatively thanks the godly power within her body. The cost of the power was age regression, meaning she became younger the more she used her power. If she became too young (i.e. a baby) then she was unable to use her powers. Some of the abilities that required the use of this type of Borrowed Powers are:

  • Reality Warping: She could grant wishes and alter reality to her will, although it was limited to how much energy she had. For example, she couldn't bring Jeon Jaesan back to life at the time she woke up because she was early by 15 days.
    • Healing: She could heal severe injuries such as lost limbs and near-death states. It consumed a lot of energy as she regressed from her fully-powered adult self into a child.
  • Magic Enhancement: She could use the original way of Borrowing Power to enhance her magical power to do feats which usually required time-consuming rituals, such as opening portal to other worlds. The rate of her power usage for this was determined by other factors such as the national treasure she used.

The 'complete' version of her charyeok looks very much like her appearance in the ancient past.

National Treasure

Cane of the Sage

She temporary owned and use The King's national treasure. It allows her to create dimensional portal with less power usage than when she did it herself. When she used it, a sigil-covered circle appeared on the floor and the cane 'branched out', creating a circular portal.


  • Ungnyeo appears to have been based on an ancient Korean myth of a bear that was given a human appearance by Hwanung. The myth also states that in order for her to become human, she had to live in a cave and eat only mugwort and garlic for 100 days. In the end, she was granted the appearance of a human woman and became the wife of Hwanung and was named Ungnyeo.

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