Judge B
Judge B
Vital Statistics
Status Alive
Race & Species Human
Gender Male
Charyeok Phoenix
Current Status
Occupation Judge
Affiliation Park Mu-Bong
Debut Chapter 58

Judge B was a judge for the regionals in the Chungcheongnamdo region. He was the one who first explained charyeok to Gwum Gi.


Judge B has middle-aged appearance. He has grayish white hair, slight mustache, and a black goatee


Judge B calls younger judges like judges R, Q and T kids and believes that it's because of inexperienced judges being in Seoul that they are having losses of judges and are being attacked. However, he has shown that he cares for his fellow Judges showing as how he was willing to sacrifice his own life for Q's. He claims Xiao Chen is his type and regrets that they are on opposing sides.


Judge B's first appearance was when he taught Gwum Gi about charyeok. His bird charyeok impressed Gwum Gi so much that he decided to learn under Judge B. Later Judge B was seen at a judge meeting before confrontation again the antagonist organization.


Judge B is shown to be an experienced executive among his pears.

  • Superhuman Strength: Judge B is strong enough to knockout Follower ranked Nox members with a single punch.
  • Superhuman Durability: Despite being punched through the chest by Xiao Chen, Judge B was still able to retaliate with a technique of his own.
  • Superhuman Endurance: Though heavily injured by fighting the Bishops of Nox, Judge B was able to continue fighting, with the help of Judge S healing ability.


Judge B's charyeok is large blue colored Phoenix bird that can fly and crush people under its feet. It also has pyrokinesis abilities and it's feathers have been shown to be able to leach off the life of a host.

  • Feathers of a Phoenix: Judge B throws Phoenix feathers at an opponent which causes them to combust into flames and then transform into another Phoenix that he can control.
  • Self-Destruction: Judge B builds up the flames of the Phoenix around himself and presumably explodes somehow. Though this technique was not shown because of Xiao Chen attacking B, it can assumed this was a suicidal technique based on Judge Q trying to stop him from using it.
  • Phoenix Earrings: This technique was not shown due to Judge B being attacked before he could use it.

National Treasure

Judge B wields an unnamed National Treasure that seems to take the form of a Guandao. He wields it expertly in battle against 2 Bishops.