Joker is the Charyeok of Judge Q. He summons it by using his cards.


Joker has a very colorful clown-like appearance and has crosses for eyes. It is always seen smiling with sharp teeth.


As a Charyeok, Joker provides Judge Q with a high level of inhuman abilities. Judge Q can materialize the Joker from his cards, once he removes his limiter. The Joker is very strong and stopped Drake McDonald's sword with bare hands.

Cards: The Joker lets its contractor use cards to fight and can pierce metal and walls effectively. The cards can be moved telekinetically, either to defend or attack.

  • Joker Card: Q also has a joker card that can summon the Joker in times of need. When Drake McDonald tried to slash Q, the arms of the Joker from the card protected Q by stopping the blade. Later, during his battle with Axley, the Joker was summoned separately from a card stuck to wings of Axley.

Scythe: After Joker materializes, the cards join together to form a scythe. This scythe has a very high cutting ability and can cut off large buildings. It is made out of the same cards the Joker is made out of.

  • Small Blades: Small scythe shaped blades can be summoned from all different cards. They can even cut through a Charyeok easily.


  • Black Magician: A skill that seems to make his cards have a mind of their own and attack their given target.
  • Joker's Prank: Q leaves a joker card behind that will summon a joker when an enemy gest close. The Joker will then restrict the enemy's movement.[1]

Direct Contract

  • Self-Projection: a direct contract ability that enabled Q to make a clone/projection of himself using a joker card.
  • Grand Circus: a direct contract skill, Q summon Four clowns around himself of various sizes and they attack Q's opponent.


  • Shuffle:One of the technique he can use in powerlenderization. Q will shuffle his cards and take 5 cards. the 5 cards will be graded according to hands in poker and Q can use it as an attack. the greater the hand, the greater is his attacks. These techniques seems to use up a lot of GP as he had to lift his limit to level of the six.
    • Eight of Hearts, One Card: This technique summoned one joker who move through Q's cards
    • Five of Clovers, Triple:This technique let Q summoned more jokers
    • Ace of Spades, Three of Diamonds, Two Cards:This technique summoned jokers wielding small blades through the destroyed jokers
    • Straight Clovers:Summoning a Joker head from the floor to eat the opponent.
    • Unknown Shuffle:Summoned A giant joker to squash the enemies
    • Pantomime: A technique Judge Q uses as Lineal descendent of the Joker after he got spades Straight flush in shuffle. It "copies" his opponent's attacks and turns them into a deck of 52 cards. If the 52 cards are used up, the 53th card, the joker, can be used to apply all damage taken by Judge Q back to his opponent 100-fold.




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