Jin Pum-Gwang
Jin Pum-Gwang
Vital Statistics
Age 38
Status Alive
Race & Species Human
Gender Male
Style The Art of the Labourer's (노가다류)
Level 12
Charyeok Hammer
HP 950
GP 35
Current Status
Occupation G.O.H. Participant
Affiliation Choongcheongbukdo Team
Debut Chapter 41

Jim Pum-Gwang (Kor: 진품광) is the Choongcheongbukdo representative of the G.O.H Tournament.


Pum-Gwang has a well built physique and green colored hair.


He is 38 years old and has re-entered the high school. He regrets for dropping out 20 years ago and suggests Na Gi-Dong to treasure his time and study while he is still young. He also has a habit of collecting branded clothing and would randomly ask others to show them the receipts of their clothes.



Jim Pum-Gwang is the winner of the Choongcheungbukdo area.


When Pum-Gwang saw Jin Mo-Ri trying to take back his money from Han-Ryang, he scolds him for fighting a beggar but later when gets his money taken, he also starts fighting.


Pum-Gwang has a level of 12 and a GP of 35 which are a testament to his abilities. He has a very high stamina and took most of the attacks of Han Dae-Wi head on.


Hammer: Pum-Gwang's Charyeok is a giant Hammer.It materializes as a large hammer with one flat end and the other end is somewhat broken. This hammer has a lot of power behind it, but its full effects were not seen as it was destroyed by Dae-Wi.

Brute Force: The hammer can be used to attack opponents with sheer brute force.

Martial Arts

The Art of the Labourer's

Pum-Gwang's fighting style uses techniques similar to labourer's work methods for fighting.

  • Rice Bag Throw: While taking hit from his enemy, Pum-Gwang holds them from their clothes and throws them high in the air.
  • Nail Hammering: Its a technique used in combination with Rice Bag Throw and as the enemy falls, Pum-Gwang hits them with his shoulder in a way similar to hammering a nail.

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