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Huh? H..hey? Hold on... I'm still transforming... okay?!

"Huh? H..hey? Hold on... I'm still transforming... okay?!"

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Dan Mori is a student at Apricot Flower High School, a school that stratifies based Charyeok talents, 17 years after RagnarÖk. He is one of the "failures" (untalented in Charyeok) and placed in Camellia Class. It is implied that he's one of the two 'candidates' (people with Jin Mori's characteristics and hunted by the world government) in his area.

It is then revealed that he is Jin Mori, who reduced himself to a small boy because of the guilt of him crippling Dan Ahan


Dan Mori is a young man in his late teens, of medium height and an athletic physique (muscular but very thin), who grows a little more corpulent over time. The upper part of his body, especially his arms, shoulders and pecs, are full of small and large scars, which look like cuts (some in the shape of an X).

He has a childish face (which has been described as cute on several occasions) with big and round black eyes with yellow pupils and has tousled hair of deep blue-green color. When he is enraged, his eyes turn red and his pupils turn gold and cross-shaped.

When he uses all his power, he temporarily returns to his previous appearance as Jin Mori, with dark brown hair that is slightly longer and spiked, and more adult facial features, with slightly smaller eyes.

After the recovery of his sister, he cuts his hair, leaving it much shorter (although it eventually grows back to how it was before) and showing a long diagonal scar on his forehead.

At first he wears an a black long sleeve t-shirt with another short-sleeved gray t-shirt on top, orange sweatshirt with jeans and orange sneakers. As time goes by, his clothes look more and more like how he was before.

After the preliminaries of the GOH tournament, Mori once again uses his characteristic dark-green sleeping-mask on his head, like a pair of sunglasses. During the GOH tournament, Mori also wears a black sweatshirt with a floral print on the hood with a red shirt over it and another piece of blue clothing around his waist, simulating the fur of the Yongpyo.

During his battle with Park Ilpyo, Mori wears a white strapless T-shirt. Before starting his chase of Park Mubong, Mori completely reverts to his previous look. White baggy short-sleeved T-shirt, blue baggy pants, red boots and another piece of blue-gray clothing around his waist with the sleeping-mask in his head.


Dan Mori is a cheerful and optimistic boy. He's also fairly analytically critical, shown when he pondered on the 'history' of Ragnarok. He's close to his sister and looks out for her. He also protects his sister in his own way, mainly by reminding her to take her drugs and working hard to get money for his sister. Although he made himself forgot everything about his past life in order to live with Ahan, it is implied that he was aware of some of it since time ago.

During the GOH tournament post-Ragnarok, it was revealed that Dan Mori was a mask used by Jin Mori as a way to hide from the pain of losing his grandfather. After his fight with Jung Mori, Dan Mori soon started to accept his true identity while still caring for Ahan. During the course of the GOH tournament, Mori understands how to control better his power and discovers how important and fun fighting can be depending on technique rather than physical power, he is frustrated to discover that he is now weaker than Mori Hui and is embarrassed by these thoughts but has decided to use this as a way to improve himself through skills. Using this Dan Mori, became far more tactical in battle and more accepting of his weaknesses.

He has matured a lot mentally and emotionally, recognizing his own stupidity in underestimating and mocking Garuda's powers, which indirectly was the main cause of his betrayal. At the same time he continues to maintain a certain pride as Jin Mori that prevents him from recognizing that he has become weaker than those he has defeated (or could have defeated) previously such as Han Daewi and Satan, making silly excuses for not acknowledging his defeat, showing that deep down he is still a sore loser.

Despite this bid on self-improvement though, Dan Mori still has an intense hatred for Park Mubong to the point where he will even sacrifice himself and others in his bid to kill him. This rage has lead him to nearly killing a host of people during his first battle against the World Government and the deaths of some Generation X members. Although they become enemies, he still appreciates Dean as a friend and disciple.

He wholeheartedly respects people like his little sister, believing that her willpower is far superior to his strength as god. In fact, Dan Ahan is not just his little sister, she is the reason he is still alive and the person who teaches him what true strength is. She is perhaps the only person who can break his "brave face" (when he discovers that she is seriously ill) or make Mori cry (when she recovers from her illness).

He also highly values ​​Mori Hui (and Jung Mori), recognizing him as someone who was more impressive than himself although he was his clone and believing that he was more original than anyone.

Unlike when he was Jin Mori, Dan Mori seems to have completely accepted the fact that he is Sun Wukong, deciding not to hide from his past and his sins anymore.

The possible resurrection of Maitreya is a source of great concern and fear for Mori, since he knows that he will not be able to defeat him as he is currently. These thoughts turn out to be very true when Mori is defeated by Maitreya with relative ease, filling Mori with a great urge to be more powerful in order to take revenge and protect his loved ones.

He seems to have developed a certain respect and affection for Satan after his combat with Maitreya, seeing him as someone the same as he was before he met Sanzang, and recognizing him as the strongest. Mori is grateful to him for teaching him never to give up, even when fighting someone much more powerful than himself. This renewed determination helps Mori rebuild his dragon armorsuit to its original state.

He seems to be totally used to and unfazed by the death and suffering of countless people, gods and demons as long as they don't have a strong bond with him, this is due to his long life experience as a demon who has participated in (and started) several wars, but this may be because he does not usually show his anger, but accumulates it to release it in front of those who cause it.

He is surprisingly weak to sincere praise and admiration from others showing embarrassment and unaccustomed.


Main article: Jin Mori

After Park Mubong betrayed Jin Mori and his grandfather, Jin Mori lost control over his godly power, accidentally killing Dan Ahan's parents and crippling her leg. Jin Mori, remembering his late grandfather's last wishes, reverted into a child and began living among humans again as Dan Mori, elder brother of Dan Ahan.


RE: A Round With God


Dan Mori has no talent in Charyeok, which makes him the lowest class in his school. However, he does exhibit superhuman physical ability.[1] His low level is due to having no talent in Charyeok. [2] Before preliminary, he never fought, resulting in low experience and inefficient power usage. This gap between him and other contestants, however, is quickly closed by his adoptive muscle memory, great physical power, and his battle instinct. Dan Mori's latent potential is such, Jung Mori praised him as the strongest in the school.[3][4]

It was later confirmed that he is Jin Mori himself, and as such, possess the incredible power that the Monkey King command. However, Dan Mori commented that the damage from using Nabong Needle Ryu's limiter removal x250.000 with The Monkey King Mode took a toll on his body that hasn't been recovered since 17 years ago. In addition, Dan Mori also suspected that the grail still sealed his power, preventing him from using his power to the fullest.

Still, even without most of his power as the Supreme God, Dan Mori commands fearsome power that allows him to easily defeat most, if not all of the G.O.H. Participants, despite the increased standard compared to the pre-Ragnarok era. During the semifinals, in his confrontation with Dean, Mori perfects his Renewal Taekwondo to such an extent that, combined with his remaining divine powers (and even being very badly injured), he manages to rip the dragon armorsuit to pieces.

After he fought Jung Mori for the last time and fully activate his remaining divine power, Han Daewi noted that he has almost reached his peak during Ragnarok (although, in this point, Satan believes that Mori has become much weaker than before). Immediately following Maitreya's advent, Dan Mori is able to obliterate Mubong Park's newly empowered body with a recoilless kick, even without transforming into his Jin Mori state (Although at this point, Mubong had just started the fusion with Tathagata, so it is assumed that he was not as powerful as he should be).

After a brief training with Satan, Mori becomes capable of superficially wounding him several times, although neither of them were doing their best. Immediately after, he is almost easily defeated by Ryong, but this is because Mori could not use his divine powers for fear of being detected by Mubong.

A few days later, Mori proves able to lift a mountain-size platform to access the Dragon King's Palace, and although he is easily beaten by the Dragon King, only a week later, Mori proves capable of defeating spirits of the dragons that inhabit the 19 yeouiju in just one week (all this without using his true power). Later, when he transforms into Jin Mori, along with his 19 yeouiju, he is able to make the Dragon King shudder in fear just by looking at him.

  • Superhuman Stamina: He has great stamina. It is shown when he moves a big pile of sand from the ground to the third floor of a construction scaffold.[1] Even after taking damage from a falling plane and barely recovering from a poison attack, he still had enough energy to move around unseen. Following his declaration of war against the World Government with Han Dae-Wi, the two are able to completely defeat the opposing forces single handedly, even after engaging in various battles beforehand. Later, he falls directly from the Heavenly Realm to Earth without suffering anything but a slight faint, being able to fight Ryong calmly shortly after, even when the latter severely wounds him with his sword.
  • Superhuman Strength: His strength is shown by the heavy backpack that he carries every day and quite easily. Three teenagers his age try to lift it up, but it wouldn't even budge.[1] His strength is so great, Dan Ahan beat other students that tried to bully him in order to prevent Dan Mori from crippling them.[5] Xiao Chen, while disguised as Ji Seokjin observed that Dan Mori's grip actually injure her hand. After grasping the basics of how to use his physical power in combat, he quickly defeated most of the preliminary contestants.[4] His punches topple the piece of Ruyi Jingu Bang in Jung Mori's possession.[6] After regaining his memory and some of his power as the monkey king, Dan Mori's strength become so great, that a light tap from him while being agitated caused a small building to crack violently.[7] By the time of Maitreya's awakening, his strength has increased to such a point that he's able to destroy Park Mubong's body and deal such damage that even with the empowerment by Tathagata, he thinks he might die. When searching for the Dragon King's palace, he's able to lift the massive amount of land concealing the entrance, shocking even Lee Sujin who remarks that he's able to accomplish such a feat even without transforming.
  • Superhuman Endurance: He off-handedly reacted to being punched in the face multiple times by Ji Seok-Jin, a power borrower.[1]He continues to fight Jung Mori, Even after having his torso cut through by Jung Mori's kick.[6] Later, he is shown to be able to take a huge beating from all the executives and still fight easily, and can even withstand the collision with an asteroid at supersonic speeds. But, although it is very resistant to blows, it is more vulnerable to cuts, especially if they come from national treasures.
  • Superhuman Speed: He easily outruns the rest of the four kings in his school while performing as his sister's substitute in the preliminary.[8] After regaining his power, his speed is so great that what looks like a single punch is actually seven different attacks.[9] His speed is such that even as Dan Mori he is able to move so fast that members of The Six like Mubong are totally unable to react. Following greater training, realizing the completed form of Renewal Taekwondo and mastering his skills, he's able to outpace several high level combatants like Jung Mori, Yu Mira and Park Ilpyo, and even overwhelm an albeit recently awakened Maitreya.
  • Superhuman Durability: His body is sturdy enough when someone tried to punch him, the attacker ends up breaking his hand and making it bleed instead.[5] The attacker noted that he felt like punching thick rock.[4] He also tanked Jung Mori's punches just to get close and get his sister's headband, albeit he is still damaged from the kick.[6] After regaining his identity as Jin Mori and further training for the GOH tournament, he's able to withstand an onslaught of attacks by various executives and keep fighting. By the time he fights a recently fused Mubong Park, he's able to withstand an orbital drop by the latter.
  • Adoptive Muscle Memory: He has an amazing ability to memorize and effectively use new martial arts techniques after seeing them once, as demonstrated by copying Silla and Arang from Jung Mori. [4]
  • Shapeshifting: Dan Mori seems to be able to disguise himself, in order to hide his true identity.[10] Although this power could have limitations, since so far we have only seen him modify certain physical features such as his age, hair color and style, facial features (slightly), etc.
  • Analytical Skill: Dan Mori exhibited some analytical skill, purposefully toppling Jung Mori's piece of Ruyi Jingu in order to trigger an avalanche and double K.O. both of them.[10]. Since recovering his memories, he exhibited analytical skills beyond even his previous life as Jin Mori. He quickly discerns weaknesses and abilities in Charyeok users, even one that he barely sees.
  • Superhuman Healing Factor: Dan Mori stated that he heals much faster than common humans (more than 100 times faster). In fact, it was so fast that injuries that supposed to be healed in 3 to 4 months, healed in less than a day. This healing factor, however, is not as powerful as other gods like Satan, it is not able to heal the wounds caused by the rebound of the Limit Removal x250,000 or the scars caused by the attacks of other gods even after 17 years. [11]
  • Fiery Eyes and Golden Pupils: At some moments, particularly when he's unleashing the remnants of his godly strength, he regained this eyes. He is able to see through certain materials, both organic and inorganic, and to learn totally unfamiliar languages in an instant and see weird types of energies.
  • True Form: When more power is needed, Dan Mori is able to utilize his true form for a brief period of time, which is referred to as his "Jin Mori State". While in this state, he gains considerable strength, endurance and speed as shown when he was able to fight evenly with Dean while the former used Yongpyo in both its speed and power augmentations. Once he mastered the Recoiless Renewal technique, he was able to overwhelm even members of The Six in this form such as Park Ilpyo. By the time Mubong Park merges with Tathagata, the boost the form gives him is great enough to barely keep up with a fully realized Maitreya, but still falls short when Mubong Park seizes more of Tathagata's power and utilizes his various skills and weapons.
  • Martial Talent: Even crippled, Mori is still the most powerful and talented member of a species born to practice martial arts, his inhuman physical abilities give him an incredible talent that allows him to easily master any martial art he practices, reaching and exceeding the level of his grandfather (the most powerful human being as a martial artist) in less than a year.
  • Accelerated Growth: As Han Daewi says, Mori is like a tricky rpg character, able to level up easily as a low-level rookie even when he's a high-level pro. He improves quickly as Dan Mori and these improvements are amplified as Jin Mori. Mori shows even greater growth during or after facing a powerful opponent. This ability (or trait) seems to be greatly improved after his first defeat against Maitreya, when Mori awakens the desire for power that he had when he was Sun Wukong.

Martial Arts

Prior to truly re-embracing his identity as Jin Mori and the Monkey King, Dan Mori mainly copied Jung Mori's techniques. When he regained his identity, it can be presumed that he has access to all the techniques he learned in his previous life with the exception of Nabong Needle Ryu's limiter removal as Mori himself stated he lost this ability when he overused it in his battle with 666:Satan.

Taekwondo Renewal is without a doubt Dan Mori's favorite martial art and the one he trains and uses the most in combat by far. Inherited from his grandfather, Mori has polished it during the GOH tournament until he reached (and surpassed) the level his grandfather reached in life, understanding that the "no recoil" kick is not a technique, but a concept in which all is concentrated. the energy at a point and is released without previous postures or useless movements.

Mori applies this concept to each technique, completing his martial art by totally eliminating his 3 weaknesses. Later he even uses his kicks as a way to control his Yeoui, creating new techniques such as the Railgun.

Renewal Taekwondo

Full Contact Karate

Ssam-Su Taekkyeon

  • Block & Deflect: a basic technique using one arm to redirect an attack elsewhere.
  • Torrential Strike: A technique where Dan punches the opponent multiple times.
  • Fishing Hook: a submission move where the user jumps in the direction of the opponent's kick and grab the leg and twist in the air, leaving the opponent's leg at his mercy.
  • Enlightenment

Northern ITF Taekwondo

  • Left Flamingo Stance
  • Right Flamingo Stance

Practical Taekkyeon

Kusanagi Style

  • Ghost Slash: A downward slash powerful enough to defeat a judge.

National Treasure


The Monkey King's Yongpyo is his mystical garments which function as a supernatural armor. It recognized Dan Mori as its owner when he fought against Dean Ockham and return to him after the fight ends. As a result of his diminished power, he can only use its tattered form. After training with 666:Satan in Odin's Dimension, Mori has finally recovered its Original Form.

  • Tattered Form: The appearance of the yongpyo changes, covering a lower percentage of Mori's body, it follows that in this way his defensive capabilities are reduced, although is still considered an "unfair item".
  • Original Form: The basic and original form of armor that grants incomparable physical protection and total immunity to poison. Deer admits that the armor greatly surpasses the Sage's Robe in every way, though is able to bypass the robe through a combination of different attacks.
  • Speed Mode: The shape of the armor changes, granting Dan a massive speed boost that makes him virtually undetectable to the human eye when moving.
  • Strength Mode: The shape of the armor changes, granting Dan a massive strength boost. Mori has yet to use this mode.



Dan Mori possesses a whole Ruyi Jingu, not broken pieces. He stored it in his left ear. It is unknown if this is a clone or the original since the original is supposed to be broken. Later Jin Mori also regains control of the other half of Ruyi Jingu given to him by Jung Mori. It's later revealed that Yeoui had never achieved its full power as its true nature, that being the hip bone of the strongest dragon, prevented it from being enhanced by a yeouiju.

  • Size Alteration: Ruyi Jingu's size can be altered according to the Monkey King's will. It can grow broader or slimmer and taller or shorter at will. It can reach incredible lengths, as it was able to reach all the way from the moon to the earth which is 384,403 km (238,900 miles) long.
  • Weight Alteration: On command, the staff can become lighter or heavier and the norm for the Monkey King is heavy by many people standards, just placing it onto the floor was able to create cracks in the ground that reverberated up a gigantic hole up to its surface. Making it lighter vastly increases movement speed. (Max weight unknown)
  • Summoning: The staff can be summoned into its wielder by moving at incredible speed, destroying anything in its path.
  • Cloning: Ruyi Jingu can make multiple copies of itself along with The Monkey King's own copy. The clone's staff is vastly weaker, however, as it is easily cut through and broken by Blade of Tathagata, while the original was durable enough to withstand its cutting power. When the copy of Ruyi Jingu held by Hui Mo-Ri is broken to pieces, it can regenerate.
  • Enhanced Durability: The staff is incredibly durable, with few if any attacks able to break the staff. So far only First Crown Prince using Lightning Blade managed to cut it, something that The King, using his Blade of Tathagata, failed to do.
  • Teleportation: Ruyi Jingu can be teleported back to The Monkey King's location at his command

The 19 Yeouiju

Of the 19 Yeouiju offered by the Dragon King during his trial, Dan Mori has obtained all 19 of them. Being imbued with the dragon's magic and souls, these pillars have even greater durability and power compared to Dan Mori's original Yeoui, despite it being from the strongest dragon in history.

  • Size Alteration: Like Yeoui, the pillars are able to be altered in size according to the wielders will, either broadening, slimming, elongating or shortening for different scenarios.
  • Weight Alteration: Assumedly, the 19 Yeouiju can also become lighter or heavier at will, thus increasing either attack speed or power depending on the weight.
  • Enhanced Durability: According to the Dragon King, items made from dragon bone that are imbued with a yeouiju are greatly enhanced. Judging by how he remarked that reforging the Yeoui with a yeouiju would make it more powerful due to the yeoiju also being imbued with the dragons souls, it stands to reason that the 19 pillars already imbued within him have even greater durability than the unenhanced Yeoui.
  • Form Alteration: Some of the 19 Yeouiju can change their forms like Mori’s armor suits.
  • Summoning: They can be summoned like his Yeoui.
  • Levitation: The 19 Yeouiju can levitate from the ground.


  • 1st Ancient Dragon
  • 2nd Gon/Lizard
  • 13th Ice Pick: Ice Pick possesses an enormous amount of piercing power being capable of easily piercing through the original Yeoui despite its uncontested durability which has only been challenged by few.
  • 27th Rhino: An extremely large scale Yeoui that Dan has access to, the size not only greatly dwarfed the palace of Tathagata but is the largest Yeoui seen so far by a wide margin greatly surpassing the original. Additionally its defense is immense, completely blocking the piercing of ice pick despite its strength.
  • 32nd Thunder Dragon: Thunder dragons main power is to send out large scale bolts of thunder and electricity. Additionally by using it Dan can vastly increase his speed growing so fast that Deer could not even perceive his movements and had no idea what was happening.
  • 41st Merman
  • 55th Goliath
  • 63rd Sabertooth
  • 91st Flame: This staff has the ability to send out waves and blasts of flames , including making constructs made of flame such as a dragons head.
  • 98th Ice: With this staff Dan has the ability to send out shards and blasts of ice, including making constructs made of ice.
  • 110th Tortoise
  • 134th Bladed Dragon
  • 146th Serpent
  • 177th Centaur: One of the staffs Dan obtained through his battles in the dragon palace so far it has shown the ability to create many large scale tornados and split the skys.
  • 180th Moon Shadow: Moon shadow has the ability to create vast copies of itself using shadows in the area, it can also create its own shadows to make more of itself. Though shadows are not needed for its duplication and it can make thousands of itself with or without shadows. Additionally it can lock targets in place using their shadow as a conduit.
  • 201st Junior
  • Okryong Gotong: A Yeoui made from the soul of Ryong after decoding to forgive his brother so far it has been shown to massively increase the power of Dans martial arts when used in conjunction with them.
  • Shubhati


Kinto-Un is a weapon that the Monkey King can call from anywhere. It is a giant mystical cloud larger than the continent of Asia and was mistaken as a moving part of the Earth's atmosphere. It is able to manifest itself like the atmosphere of any planet in any dimension. It is actually alive and enables the Monkey King to control the weather. The Monkey King can create miniature versions of Kinto-Un that can be used for transportation.

  • Atmokinesis: The Sparrow Cloud allows Dan Mori to manipulate weather phenomena, such as:
    • Winds: Mori can create winds powerful enough to keep all Sky Whales (who were collectively the size of a continent) in the air.
    • Fog: The Monkey King can create dense fog which is nigh-impossible to see through.
    • Lightning: Dan Mori can call down bolts of magical lightning.
    • Extended Senses: Using the lightning power at low volts and spreading the weapon into thin mists enables the user to probe wide areas, allowing the user to see through it.

The Circle

A cube that houses the life and essence of The Master of Seventh Heavenly Realm. This cube can also be used by Jin Mori as a weapon, for example, he commands it to divide itself and surround Ultio R.

  • Sentience: The Circle is sentient as it can feel discomfort when Jin Mori stretched it.
  • Multiplication: The Circle can multiply itself to surround its opponent.
  • Form Alteration: It can alter its appearance and form to suit Jin Mori's command, like becoming a headband or belt. It can also use this ability offensively, like forming a spear/thorn-like appendage to attack the opponent.

With this staff Dan has the ability to send out shards and blasts of ice, including making constructs made of ice.


  • For Dan Mori, his little sister is his reason for living, just as his grandfather was when he was Jin Mori or Tang Sanzang when he was Sun Wukong.
  • During their first match, Dan Mori mentions that Jung Mori is not related to Hui Mori in any way, but this turns out to be a mistake, as the second is discovered to be a clone of the third.
  • It is not yet known how Mori learned the kick without recoil, since before him, it was only used by his grandfather during Ragnarok and Mori was not present to see it.
  • Comically, Dan Mori reacts with exaggerated surprise to learn that Baek Seungchul is going to the moon, almost forgetting that he himself has been in outer space numerous times.
  • Humorously, Dan Mori considers Geundoowun and The Circle to be a bunch of traitors, forcing them to do physical exercise as punishment.
  • According to Odin, the energy of Dan Mori feels more human than demonic.
  • Although at one point Daewi comments that Dan Mori has almost reached the level of power he had in Ragnarok, Satan comments shortly after that he has become much weaker.
  • Following Maitreya's resurrection, Dan Mori comments that his senses have become as sharp than when he was in his prime (or even more).
    • Mori can clearly feel that her sister is still alive, although she has not seen or heard from her since the rapture began.
    • Mori tells Lee Sujin that he feels like he's finally reaching the end of a long journey.
    • Mori perceives (from far away) the reunion between Daewi and Mira, although he cannot describe it, mentioning that it is a shame because he feels that he is missing something very important.
  • Mori has many similarities to Son Goku from Dragon Ball.
    • It is based on Sun Wukong, the legendary Monkey King from the Journey to the West.
    • The style and color of his hair changes when he "transforms" to use his full power.
    • Some parts of his OG outfit appear similar to Goku's gi (especially the boots and pants).
    • Although he generally uses it as a weapon, he can use Geundoowun as a mount. In fact, his posture when riding the cloud is identical to Goku's.
    • He has a huge appetite that he enjoys satiating it with large amounts of food after a tough fight.
    • In the same way that Goku constantly wears very heavy clothes as training, Mori does the same by wearing the Yeoui on his ear all the time.
    • Enjoy the fights when there are no grudges involved, especially if they are against martial artists like him.
    • He gets stronger with each fight, and the more difficult it is, the more he progresses.


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