Dan Mori is a student at Apricot Flower High School, a school that stratifies based Charyeok talents, 17 years after RagnarÖk. He is one of the "failure" (untalented in charyeok) and placed in Camellia Class. It is implied that he's one of the two 'candidates' (people with Jin Mori's characteristics and hunted by the world government) in his area.

It is then revealed that he is Jin Mori, who reduced himself into a small boy in order to atone for his sin (crippling her left leg) to Dan Ahan.


Mori is quite a skinny teenager with a babyface, relaxed teal-coloured hair and big dark eyes with yellow pupils. He wears a white t-shirt over a dark long-sleeve undershirt, denim skinny jeans that he rolls up at the ankles and orange Chucks on his feet. Under the shirt, his body is full of scars. After he decided to really use his power, his face reverted into Jin Mori, albeit still having teal-coloured hair. During the fight against judges, he regained his original hair color.


Dan Mori is a cheerful and optimist boy. He's also fairly analytically critical, shown when he pondered on the 'history' of RagnarÖk. He's close to his sister and looks out for her. He also protect his sister in his own way, mainly by reminding her to take her drugs and working hard to get money for his sister. Although he made himself forgot everything about his past life in order to live with Ah-An, it is implied that he was aware of some of it.

During the G.O.H. tournament post-RagnarÖk, it was revealed that Dan Mori was used as a way to hide from the pain of losing his grandfather. After his fight with Jung Mori, Dan Mori soon started to accept his true identity while still caring for Ahan. Over the course of Chapter 6, Dan Mori develops an inferiority complex compared to his physical prime but has decided to use this as a way to improve himself through skills. Using this Dan Mori, became far more tactical in battle and more accepting of his weaknesses.

Despite this bid on self-improvement though, Dan Mori still has an intense hatred for Park Mu-Bong to the point where he will even sacrifice himself and others in his bid to kill him. This rage has lead him to nearly killing a host of people during his first battle against the World Government and the deaths of 2 Generation X Members.


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After Park Mubong betrayed Jin Mori and his grandfather, Jin Mori lost control over his godly power, accidentally killing Dan Ahan's parents and crippling her leg. Jin Mori, remembering his late grandfather's last wishes, reverted into a child and began living among humans again as Dan Mori, elder brother of Dan Ahan.



Dan Mori has no talent in Charyeok, which makes him the lowest class in his school. However, he does exhibit superhuman physical ability.[1] His low level is due to having no talent in charyeok. [2] Before preliminary, he never fought, resulting in low experience and inefficient power usage. This gap between him and other contestants, however, is quickly closed by his adoptive muscle memory, great physical power, and his battle instinct. Dan Mori's potential is such, Jung Mori praised him as the strongest in the school.[3][4]

It was confirmed that he is Jin Mori himself, and as such, possess the incredible power that the Monkey King command. However, Dan Mori commented that the damage from using Nabong Needle Ryu's limiter removal x250.000 with The Monkey King Mode took a toll on his body that hasn't been recovered since 17 years ago. In addition, Dan also suspected that the grail still sealed his power, preventing him from using his power to the fullest. Still, even without most of his power as the supreme god, Dan Mori commands fearsome power that allows him to easily defeat most, if not all of the G.O.H. Participants, despite the increased standard compared to pre-RagnarÖk era. After he fought Jung Mori for the last time and fully activate his divine power, Han Dae-Wi noted that has almost reached his peak during RagnarÖk.

  • Superhuman Stamina: He has great stamina. It is shown when he moves a big pile of sand from the ground to the third floor of a construction scaffold.[1] Even after taking damage from a falling plane and barely recovering from a poison attack, he still had enough energy to move around unseen.
  • Superhuman Strength: His strength is shown by the heavy backpack that he carries everyday and quite easily. Three teenagers his age triyto lift it up, but it wouldn't even budge.[1] His strength is so great, Dan Ah-An beat other students that tried to bully him in order to prevent Dan Mori from crippling them.[5] Xiao Chen, while disguised as Ji Seokjin observed that Dan Mori's grip actually injure her hand. After grasping the basics iofhow to use his physical power in combat, he quickly defeated most of the preliminary contestants.[4] His punches topple the piece of Ruyi Jingu Bang in Jung Mori's possession.[6] After regaining his memory and some of his power as the monkey king, Dan Mori's strength become so great, that a light tap from him while being agitated caused a small building to crack violently.[7]
  • Superhuman Endurance: He off-handedly reacted to being punched in the face multiple times by Ji Seok-Jin, a power borrower.[1]He continue to fight Jung Mori, Even after having his torso cut through by Jung Mori's kick.[6]
  • Superhuman Speed: He easily outrun the rest of the four kings in his school while performing as his sister's substitute in the preliminary.[8]. After regaining his power, his speed is so great that what looks like a single punch is actually seven different attacks.[9]
  • Superhuman Durability: His body is sturdy enough, when someone tried to punch him, the attacker ends up breaking his hand and making it bleed instead.[5] The attacker noted that he felt like punching thick rock.[4]He also tanked Jung Mori's punches just to get close and get his sister's headband, albeit he is still damaged from the kick.[6]
  • Adoptive Muscle Memory: He has amazing ability to memorize and effectively use new martial arts techniques after seeing them once, as demonstrated by copying Silla and Arang from Jung Mori. [4]
  • Shapeshifting: Dan Mori seems to be able to disguise himself, in order to hid his true identity.[10]
  • Analytical Skill: Dan Mori exhibited some analytical skill, purposefully toppling Jung Mori's piece of Ruyi Jingu in order to trigger an avalanche and double K.O. both of them.[10]. Since recovering his memories, he exhibited analytical skill beyond even his previous life as Jin Mori. He quickly discern sweakness and abilities in charyeok users, even one that he barely sees.
  • Superhuman Healing Factor: Dan Mori stated that he heals much faster than humans. In fact, it was so fast that injuries that supposed to be healed in 3 to 4 months, healed in matter of hours. [11]
  • Fiery Eyes and Golden Pupils: At some moments, particularly when he's unleashing the remnants of his godly strength, he regained this eyes.
  • Jin Mori State (Original Form): When more power is needed, Dan-Mori is able to utilize his true form for a brief period of time, which is referred to as his "Jin Mori state". While in this state, he gains considerable strength and speed as shown when he was able to fight evenly with Dean while the former used Yongpyo in both its speed and power augmentations. Once he mastered the Recoiless Renewal technique, he was able to overwhelm even members of The Six in this form such as Il-Pyo Park.

Martial Arts

Prior to truly re-embracing his identity as Jin Mori and the Monkey King, Dan Mori mainly copied Jung Mori's techniques. When he regain his identity, it can be presumed that he has access to all the technique he learned in his previous life with the exception of Nabong Needle Ryu's limiter removal as Mori himself stated he lost this ability when he overused it in his battle with 666:Satan.

Renewal Taekwondo

Full Contact Karate

  • Dance of Four Gods A set of attacks similar to a Kata invented by Daewi's Master to defeat Renewal Taekwondo users.
    • 1st Stance: Basaltic Fist: Interrupts the opponent's attack with a strong punch. It also creates a shock wave that also pushes back the surrounding area.
  • Brazilian Kick

Ssam-Su Taekkyeon

  • Block & Deflect: a basic technique using one arm to redirect an attack elsewhere.
  • Torrential Strike: A technique where Dan punch the opponent multiple times.
  • Fishing Hook: a submission move where the user jump in the direction of the opponent's kick and grab the leg and twist in the air, leaving the opponent's leg at his mercy.
  • Enlightenment

Northern ITF Taekwondo

Dan Mori can use both the left flamingo and right flamingo stances.

Practical Taekkyeon

Kusanagi Style

  • Ghost Slash: A downward slash powerful enough to defeat a judge.

National Treasure


  • Yongpyo Returns
  • Declaration of War
The Monkey King's Yongpyo are his mystical garments which function as a supernatural armor. It recognized Dan Mori as its owner when he fought against Dean Ockham and return to him after the fight ends. As a result of his diminished power, he can only use its tattered form.



Dan Mori possess a whole Ruyi Jingu, not broken pieces. He stored it in his left ear. It is unknown if this is a clone or the original, since the original is supposed to be broken.[10] Later Jin Mori also regain control of the other half of Ruyi Jingu given to him by Jung Mori upon his death.

  • Size Alteration: Ruyi Jingu can be altered according to the purpose in each situation.
  • Weight Alteration: Ruyi Jingu's weight can be altered, making it lighter and heavier according to the user's will. It can also be altered partially across its length, shifting its center of gravity.
  • Enhanced Durability: It is very durable. Very few can break it.


Kinto-Un is a weapon that the Monkey King can call from anywhere. It is a giant mystical cloud larger than the continent of Asia, and was mistaken as a moving part of the Earth's atmosphere. It is able to manifest itself likes the atmosphere of any planet in any dimension. It is actually alive and enables the Monkey King to control the weather. The Monkey King can create miniature versions of Kinto-Un that can be used for transportation.

  • Atmokinesis: The Sparrow Cloud allows Dan Mori to manipulate weather phenomena, such as:
    • Winds: Mori can create winds powerful enough to keep all Sky Whales (who were collectively the size of a continent) in the air.
    • Fog: The Monkey King can create dense fog which is nigh-impossible to see through.
    • Lightning: Dan Mori can call down bolts of magical lightning.
      • Extended Senses: Using the lightning power at low volts and spreading the weapon into thin mists enables the user to probe wide areas, allowing the user to see through it.

The Circle

A cube that houses the life and essence of The Master of Seventh Heavenly Realm. This cube can also be used by Jin Mori as a weapon, for example he command sit to divide itself and surround Ultio R.

  • Sentience: The Circle is sentient as it can feel discomfort when Jin Mori stretched it.
  • Multiplication: The Circle can multiply itself to surround its opponent.
  • Form Alteration: It can alter its appearance and form to suit Jin Mori's command, like becoming a headband or belt. It can also use this ability offensively, like forming a spear/thorn-like appendage to attack the opponent.


  • His interaction with the hospital's receptionist foreshadows him not actually being blood-related with Dan Ah-An.
  • Dan Mori said that he knows where to forge documents.
  • Humorously, Dan Mori considers Kinto-Un and Skyscraper Seventh Master: The Circle to be a bunch of traitors, forcing them to do physical exercise as punishment.


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