Hwechook is a kick that has gathered force through rapidly spinning on a central point. It seems to be a staple point in Renewal Taekwondo as it is utilized in several variations compared to its counterpart Northern ITF Taekwondo which focuses more on Flamingo Stance. Hwechook hits the opponent with balls/front of the foot, like Roundhouse Kick.

Northern ITF also uses this kick,[1] although they aren't using it as extensively as their South Korean counterpart, with one master of Northern ITF deeming such practice as wasteful.[2] There is no noticeable difference between Northern ITF and Renewal.

Ssam-Su is likely to have their own version of this kick, although not seen as its own technique, but as a part of their version of Dragon Sign Hwechook.


Ssam-Su Taekkyeon, unique to them, has their own 'reverse' Hwechook variation: Yeokchook (Hangul: 역축, Hanja: 逆蹴). In this style, the user turns the other way around and hits with sole of the foot. It is unseen as its own technique, but is a part of True Nullifying Spin.


  • Its derived techniques appear first in the series, before introducing this technique.
  • Whenever Jin Tae-Jin uses this technique, EGScans always added (Shaft Axon), despite using the exact same technique as Jin Mo-Ri.
  • The picture of Northern ITF made it look like Gang Man-Suk is doing a 'reverse' variation, however, if you look closely, he just finished kicking the opponent's cheek, not the whole head. If he did reversed variation, the opponent's head would have turn the other way around.


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