Jin Mo-Ri is Jin Mo-Ri, I am, who I am...

—Hui Mo-Ri

Hui Mo-Ri

Mo-Ri Hui Season 05

Armor suit


Mo-Ri Hui New Armor Suit

Mo-Ri Hui Season 03

Mo-Ri Hui God form season 03

Korean 휘모리
Alias The Copy
The Gold Monkey
Golden Monkey
Savage Clone
Age Biologically same as Jin Mo-Ri
Species God
Mount Hwagwa Monkey
Gender Male
Status Deceased
Fighting skills
Style Renewal Taekwondo
Hallyang Style Pumba
Nabong Needle Ryu
Charyeok None
Level 6
43 (15% of the Original Power)
HP 2090[1]
GP 56
Weapon Ruyi Jingu Bang
Ruyi Jingu Bang (copy)
Flying Sparrow Cloud (Copy)
Yongpyo (Copy)
Occupation G.O.H. Participant
Affiliation Team Korea
Jin Mo-Ri (Contractor)
Jung Mo-Ri (Modified Biological Clone)
Family Jin Mo-Ri (Originator)
Debut Chapter 161

Hui Mo-Ri was the main protagonist of G.O.H season 4 and the first-half of season 5, and was also the clone created by Jin Mo-Ri to go to the Human Realm with his gourd. As time went on he would become less of Jin Mo-Ri's clone and discover his true self.


The clone is identical in every way to the original monkey king, he usually dresses in a striped black and white shirt. Like Mo-Ri he has black eyes which turn into crosses whenever He's using Wolge.

When he is awakened, he dons the same clothes as the original Mo-Ri Jin and his eyes turn blue. Though, when he fully awakens, his gloves and the pattern on the end of his sleeves are different, with the addition of a grey vest.[2] He also has shoes, which are black boots. It seems that, like gods, these clothes are armor and he can use the armor to protect himself or others. The suit can dematerialize and become a black mist. When excited or angry, his eyes turn red and his right eye exudes flames.

Later he uses the bandana given by Yu Mi-Ra and Han Dae-Wi in favor of Jin Mo-Ri's sleeping-mask.


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