The Heavenly Realm (신계 (神界), Shingye; lit. "Divine World") created by Supreme God Tathagata .The Heavenly Realm is one of the three known realms in the God of High School world. It is populated by various gods. It is the most powerful realm, followed by the Sage Realm then the Human Realm. Nearly a thousand years ago, the Heavenly Realm and the Sage Realm had a great war which ended with the Sage Realm losing and the Heavenly Realm coming out victorious.


The Heavenly Realm is home to many powerful gods of various mythologies and legends like the Jade Emperor and Michael the Archangel. It is revealed by Beelzebub that time flows much slower in this realm than the humans', as he mentioned that Jade Emperor wouldn't be so old if he stayed in this realm.[1]

Because of an unprecedented revolt leading all the way up to the Fourth Realm, due to the entrance of Jin Mo-Ri and Park Il-Pyo, the Heavenly Realm was in a state of chaos.[1]

Due to the contracts between the three realms after RagnarÖk, Heavenly Realm can't meddle in business of other realms. It is enforced by a system similar to taboo they imposed on human beings.


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The Heavenly Realm is a tower located inside a planet with its surface covered with toys. It is made up of 10,000 floors each a dimension built into a planet with each floor progressively harder to conquer than the one before.[2]

The last seven floors is the main sub-realms of the heavenly realm. These seven floors are ruled by what the natives of the tower call the Owners of the World, better known as Masters of the Heavenly Realms by the Gods. The Gatekeeper guards the entrance to the 7th floor to make sure only those that are worthy make it through. In order to proceed from one floor or realm to the next, the intruder must defeat the ruler.

Below is the information about each sub-realms.

The First Realm appears to be composed of the leaders or upper-ranked members of different pantheons including, but not limited to, Jupiter, Odin, Michael the Archangel and Uriel the Angel of Power. As well as an immensely large grand-looking upside-down cathedral-like structure, many angels, nephilim and sky whales came pouring through when this realm was summoned to the Human Realm.[1]



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Joining after the Heavenly War and having defeated Beelzebub, 666:Satan became the new master of the First Realm. Little else is known about his role.


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The former master of the First Realm, he is the de facto second-in-command after 666:Satan.

Angels & Nephilim

The angels are the foot soldiers of the Heavenly Realm and the nephilim are the commanders of the soldiers of the Heavenly Realm. One nephilim is easily capable of wiping out an island. The humans are incapable of actually attacking the nephilim ranked gods and higher due to the seals placed on the Human Realm, however the inhabitants of the Sage Realm are capable of attacking the nephilim. Michael the Archangel appears to be their overall commander, as shown when he ordered a division of them to rain down spears on the unsuspecting humans below.[3]

The Second Realm burst through with many tree-like structures when summoned to the Human Realm[3] and a part of the realm is composed of gods from the Greeco-Roman pantheon including, but not limited to, Poseidon, Hades Athena, and Hera. It is also home to the Valkyries, Odin's handmaiden.



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Garuda is the master of the Second Realm. Little else is known about his role.

The Third realm appears to be composed of at least 400.076.000 Apostles or Nephilims, some of them taken the form of serpents, spiders, and crabs. The realm appears to be in constant tornadoes.



The Master of Third Heavenly Realm, not much is known about this God, other than Garuda expressing interest in meeting her again.

God Hand

The Previous Master of Third Heavenly Realm, not much is known about him other than he lose to Shiva and his core element has been serving as Shiva's hands.


Shiva commanded at least four hundred million apostles, many of them irregular shaped compared to the Nephilims under Michael's command.

Unknown and unseen, nothing is known about this realm yet.

The Fifth heavenly realm is mainly composed of forests and populated by ogre-like nephilims. It is unknown who or what is the master of this realm.

The sixth heavenly realm is a fire-based environment, each of the natives of this floor appears to be immune of fire-based attack. The Realm is mainly populated by giant crabs who feared Jin Mo-Ri, who were hungry enough to (politely) ask for one of their legs.



Former master of the sixth heavenly realm, little is known about his role


An apostle of Pralltriller, his job is to eliminate the intruders of this realm.

Seventh Realm consist of a space with swirl-themed environment. The only known resident of this realm is its' unnamed master.

The Circle

The Former Master of The realm, this God lost its seat of power when Jin Mo-Ri defeated him in combat, where he gives his core element as sign of servitude. Little is known about his role.


  • Odin remarked that Human Realm's air is the best, possibly indicating that Heavenly Realm's air might be polluted or dirty compared to the humans'.[1]



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