Heavenly Art

Heavenly Arts practice

Heavenly Arts (천술 (天術), Cheonsul(Heaven)), otherwise known as Heavenly Spell or Heavenly Charms, is a system of combat techniques, usually combat magic, used by the demons of the Sage Realm.

Inside this system, there is one form uniquely composed of martial arts made by the Monkey King and reserved only for him and his subordinates, the 48th form: Whoahyorakgeyok.


It seems that Heavenly Arts itself wasn't popular until after the end of the war, something the Elder Monkeys concerned with. Charyeok is seen as a form of Heavenly Arts by Mount Hwagwa Monkey citizens, although users of Heavenly Arts don't have to borrow power from other beings.

Known Skills

Teleportation: a heavenly art of Myung, one of the four royal guards of Mihu. It lets him teleport himself and those he touch.

Fire Generation: a heavenly art of the flame monk La Kong, one of the four royal guards of Mihu.

Green Beam: a heavenly arts used by Ryu Jin, one of the four royal guards of Mihu.

Horn Magic: a type of magic used by the minotaurs to either defend or attacks. Like its name, it takes the form of bull/cow horns.

Heavenly Arts 13th Form: Earth Dragon

Temporary Limb Regeneration

Portal: A heavenly arts that opens doors to other Realms, provided the user is within a sacred space. It is used by Uma of the Nine Kings. Uma used it once on screen to create door that connects to Sage Realm and other off screen to travel to Heavenly Realm and reclaim her original body.