Full Grown Hatae

Haetae (해태) are a species of demon that is located in the Sage Realm and are one of the Holy Animals.

Physiology and Appearance

Haetae is a blue dog-like creature with multiple fangs, a big red nose, bulging yellow eyes, and a top hat with horns that look like branches. They also have a yellow flaming spins with a yellow circle on their chest. They are always holding a pipe in their mouth. A new-born Haetae is around the size of a human adult while the adult are at least the size of a large building.


They appear to be quite aggressive to outsiders who enter their cave but once someone has earned their trust they are very loyal.


They are seen to be quite ferocious and strong demons. Like other demons they can freely attack any of the gods. Judging by the words of Axley, a full grown Haetae seems to be as powerful as a Red Dragon.

Tears: The tears of a holy animal are capable of healing individuals who have eaten the Sage Pill. They also have healing abilities through their saliva.

Light Beam: Haetae are capable of shooting destructive beams of light from their mouths.


  • Haetae seems to be based off the Chinese mythological creatures of the same name, Haetae.
  • They exhibit traits of the closely related Chinese mythical beasts Fu Dogs.
  • Han Daewi did not realize that Haetaes were an actual species that existed within the Sage Realm as he thought he made them up.



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