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God Of High School Tournament is a competition organized in South Korea, where people from all over South Korea and other countries are invited. The tournament was held in different parts of Korea and the top 3 representatives were selected for the National tournament.

Tournament Format


The preliminaries are a free-for-all fight between all of the contestants selected by the judges. Those that last through the fight move through to the Regional tournament.

Regional Tournament

Regionals for G.O.H. Tournament were knockout rounds, with all participants participating individually. A total of 32 participants were selected. The top three finishers move on to the National Tournament as a team.

National Tournament

Nationals are a league tournament where all the fighters have to fight each other. A team of 3 fighters is sent from all regions. The winning team is given the option to fight in the World Tournament.

Consolation Match

All teams were permitted to enter in the Consolation Match with the top two teams moving on to the World Tournament. The format of the match is a free-for-all where the last team standing and the team with the most remaining hit points moves on to the World Tournament.

World Tournament

The world tournament is formatted in the same way as the National tournaments except this time the teams were the competitors from their respective countries and not from their respective regions within the country.

Participants of Metropolitan Area

Representatives for Nationals

Metropolitan Team

Choongcheongbukdo Team

Choongcheungnamdo Team

Jeonranamdo Team

Kyungsamnamdo Team

Junrabukdo Team

Gyeongsangbukdo Team

Kangwondo Team

Jeju Island Team

The whole team has been murdered and substituted with imposters, priests group from Nox


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