God Hand is the core element of the previous Master of Third Heavenly Realm, before it was given to Shiva as a sign of servitude after Shiva defeated the previous master in battle. Shiva use it to aid her in battle as a weapon.


It takes the form of three pairs of large black hands, covered with red dots, float around Shiva; each pair is progressively larger than the last. Sometimes it is seemingly ethereal, others times it is solid.


God Hand is the essence and life of the previous Master of Third Heavenly Realm, and as such, it has its power.

  • Regeneration: Even after its hands is cracked and destroyed, it can reform itself.
  • Enhanced Strength: It can fight evenly with giant like Pralltriller.
  • Enhanced Speed: It is shown to intercept Park Il-Pyo's attacks several times.


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