Emperor Iskandar also known as Alexander the Great is the Charyeok of Alex. It operates similar Yu Mi-Ra's Charyeok, Yeo-Po Bong-Seon.


Emperor Iskandar takes the form of a blond man wearing white shirt with blue armor and red cape.


It enhances Alex's fighting ability and he can use many high level attacks in conjunction with his Sarissa style.

Physical Enhancement: It greatly enchances all of it's user's physical attacks, speed, and endurance.

Bucephalus: Iskandar's favorite steed, a large black horse with a golden rein, that Alex can summon at will. It possesses the ability to fly and light it's hooves on fire.


  • He is the son of Philip II, whose spirit is used by his contractor's son as charyeok.
  • Bucephalus was said to be descended from the Mares of Diomedes, which were man-eating horses and Hercules's 8th labor in Greek mythology. Some versions say that these horses breathed fire, which may be why Bucephalus can cover it's hooves in flames.