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Durandal is the National Treasure of Axley. This national treasure is a sword. It is unknown how he got it but the Organization most likely gave it to him after he passed the National Treasure Certification Exam.


It has the Appearance of a broad sword with a golden hilt and brown handle it has a silver blade as well.


Axley is in the posession of a National Treasure known as the Durandal. It's full abilities are not known but has been shown capable of teleportation


Teleportation: It is capable of teleporting to its owner. It appears to have no set distance and will appear either when called or needed.

Attack Enhancement: It is capable of enhancing attacks and cutting through powerful Charyeok easily. It is also capable of blocking extremely powerful attacks.

Charyeok Amplification: It also amplifies a person's Charyeok but this function can only be used three consecutive times for an unknown time period.



  • Durandal is based off a real life Holy Sword, similar to Walmung.