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Huh? H..hey? Hold on... I'm still transforming... okay?!

"Huh? H..hey? Hold on... I'm still transforming... okay?!"

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Drake McDonald was a member of Nox before betraying them and joining Ultio R, becoming a member of the Morning Crows.


Drake McDonald had spiked blond hair and wears a red headband. He also wore a jacket over his clothing, which was torn apart in his battle with Judge Q. Most of the time, he was seen with a sadistic grin on his face.


McDonald had a very sadistic personality and enjoyed killing people by torturing them. He had an old enemity with Judge Q.



McDonald was tasked with killing Yu Mira as part of Nox’s attacks against G.O.H. Tournament participants, but Judge T during a conversation with Yu Mira detected his presence and later ambushed him. The two of them fought all the way to the outskirts of Seoul where T unleashed his swordsmanship to repeatedly deal wounds that McDonald was hard pressed to heal with Charyeok, yet McDonald managed to get T distracted in time to cut off his limbs, then went on to dismember him.

He is next seen ambushing Judge Q in his home, and managed to seriously wound his rival. However the tables turned when Q took off his limiter and unleashed his true power, resulting in McDonald being held in place as his body got cut up despite him desperately sewing it back together and the intervention of Axley Ivanovic and Saturn. McDonald managed to escape following the defeat of his fellow Priests by blowing himself up.


RE: A Round With God


He was a skilled fighter who uses a broadsword for fighting.

He was able to defeat and kill Judge T, though Q continued to question how he managed to defeat T even after McDonald revealed his Charyeok. It turned out McDonald had been outmanoeuvred by T's masterful swordsmanship the whole time despite using Charyeok, and only won after threatening to kill T's family to get T distracted enough for him to land decisive blows.[1]


Thanatos: Drake's Charyeok is a Caterpillar and it can sew Drake's body back after its cut down, thus giving him an ability to regenerate. It shows no ability in combat yet, and was easily defeated by scythe of Q's Joker.

  • Regeneration: It gives him the ability to regenerate by sewing back on severed body parts.
  • Flight: after maturing into a butterfly it can grow a pair of wings on the back of it's user granting him the abilitiy to fly freely. The flight seems to be extremely fast judging by how McDonald with these wings out sped Axley's, though it should be noted that Axley lost one wing in his fight against Q. McDonald said that someone give him the power to mature his charyeok.

Original Greed: Drake, as part of Morning Crows, was granted the original greed harvested from R body. It manifested as black blob-like being on his right arm. Drake has shown that he can implant greed on his sword slash as a surprise attack.

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