This is a list of all current volumes of the Korean manhwa series The God of High School, as well as the titles of the chapters contained therein. Chapters are arranged by volume, with their appropriate volume titles and chapters listed underneath. Chapter and volume titles include Korean text, romaji transcription, and the English translation of each title.


The God of High School (갓 오브 하이스쿨) has been published in the web portal Naver since April 2011. The God of High School is written by and illustrated by Park Yong-Je, and has, so far, been separated into five volumes and a side story.

List of Volumes and Chapters

Volume 1: The Match With Gods


Preliminaries Arc

Regionals Arc

Volume 2: The National Competition

Nationals Arc

Gods' Arrival Arc

Volume 2.5: Jin Tae-Jin's Story

Jin Tae-Jin Arc

Volume 3: Adventure

The Sage Realm Arc

The Second Great War Arc

Post-War Arc

Volume 4: World Competition

Consolation Match Arc

Pre-World Tournament Arc

Volume 5: Ragnarok

World Tournament Arc

Ritual Arc

Ragnarok Arc

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