Chapter 88 is the 88th chapter of The God of High School Webtoon.

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Martial Arts and Charyeok Used

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Yu Mi-Ra breaks through Park Il-Pyo's horde of fire foxes one at a time, slowly getting injured before she finally reached him. Right as he unleashes one final large fire fox, Han Dae-Wi and Jin Mo-Ri cheer Mi-Ra on. With this motivation, she manages to summon her National Treasure, Bong-Seon, and cuts through that fox and Il-Pyo. To her surprise, he still attacks once more which she manages to counter, causing him to finally fall. Judge X lets Mi-Ra know that her previous attack had actually defeated him and that his last gasp attack was instinctual right before she celebrates with Dae-Wi and Mo-Ri over their victory. Moon Gi-Joo then approaches Mi-Ra to let her know that Bong-Seon is now her's since she managed to summon it. She then enjoys a standing ovation before collapsing out of exhaustion.

Jegal Taek leaves the arena disappointed in Il-Pyo when he sees Jeon Ju-Gok stumbling by. Unprovoked, Taek uses his Borrowed Power, Megalodon, to impale Ju-Gok. To his surprise, Ju-Gok hardly reacts to this attack before fiercely attacking Taek with an unknown power.


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