Chapter 41 is the 41st chapter of The God of High School Webtoon.

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Martial Arts and Charyeok Used

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The Judges discuss the death of Shim Bong-Sa and who they believe could have done it.

Park Mu-Bong investigates the location of Jin Tae-Jin's fight with the mysterious organization and questions just how powerful the organization had become.

Back at the arena, Yu Mi-Ra and Byun Jae-Hee prepare to fight for 3rd place. While cheering on Mi-Ra, Jin Mo-Ri gets pulled aside and told that his grandfather had disappeared and that his blood was found at the location of his fight. Mo-Ri shrugs this off however and shows concern for those fighting Tae-Jin than Tae-Jin himself.

Mu-Bong calls Na Bong-Chim to tell him that they must call The Six together because of the danger this group imposes on them. It is then revealed that at the location of Tae-Jin's fight, he lost his arm that had taken previous damage. Three other members of The Six get the notification to meet at their various locations of business.

Mi-Ra wins her fight against Jae-Hee to join Mo-Ri and Han Dae-Wi in the national tournament. It then shows some of the other competitors who would also be competing in the National Tournament.

Bong-Chim decides that he will take Mo-Ri as his apprentice.


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