Chapter 20 is the 20th chapter of The God of High School Webtoon.

Characters in Order of Appearance

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Martial Arts and Charyeok Used

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A flashback is shown from 17 years ago of Jin Tae-Jin fighting the Six. After winning, he removes the arm of one of the members because the member was especially annoying to Tae-Jin.

Jin Mo-Ri is required to stay in the building he will fight Judge Q in overnight the night before the fight. In the middle of the iht, Mo-Ri wakes up and goes off to find something to eat when he hears a voice calling for him. After entering a certain room that only allowed him in because he has a high GP value, Mo-Ri comes across an old man. He ignores the ties up old man and rummages through a cupboard where he finds a mysterious fruit. After eating the fruit to the man's surprise, he tries to leave. However, after accepting the man's begging, Mo-Ri goes to enter the password that will free the man in the computer but only knows it starts with J because that is all the man remembers. Mo-Ri guesses his own name, then his grandfaher's which winds up being correct. The man incredulously asks if Mo-Ri even knew who that man was to which Mo-Ri responds that he is his grandfather. In response to this, the man stabs Mo-Ri with his finger and reveals that he is Na Bong-Chim of the Six and that he was the one who had his arm torn off by Tae-Jin. He then tells Mo-Ri that he is going to kill him.


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