Chapter 16 is the 16th chapter in The God of High School Webtoon.

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Baek Seung-Chul recalls his childhood where he idolized his father who was a detective that caught criminals with a baseball bat. One day, after catching a gang boss and being told the boss was being released from prison for lack of evidence, Seung-Chul's father was murdered. Seung-Chul devoted himself to learning all he could, so he went on to master 9 languages, math, medical science, and philosophy. Then, when realizing the value in physical strength, he mastered his own fighting style and achieved nirvana.

Han Dae-Wi attacks Seung-Chul as soon as their fight starts only to be countered by Seung-Chul's fighting style. After trying again, Seung-Chul counters again and thinks he has won only to realize that not only did his attack not defeat Dae-Wi, but Dae-Wi chose not to attack Seung-Chul because hi back was turned.