Cha Suk-Woo
Vital Statistics
Age 18
Race & Species Human
Gender Male
Style Savate
Level 8
HP 500
GP 13
Current Status
Occupation G.O.H Participant
Affiliation Chungcheongnamdo Team
Debut Chapter 57

Cha Suk-Woo is a member of Choongcheungnamdo Team for the G.O.H Tournament nationals, being one of the top fighters in Choongcheungnamdo regionals.


Suk-Woo has small hair with two bangs in front. During the tournament, he wore a blue open jacket with knife on the right side.


Suk-Woo has an overconfident personality like his other team mates and underestimated Hyun-Bok just because he was a little nervous, which led to his defeat.


Cha Suk-Woo is a member of the Ghoongcheungnamdo Team. In their first match they face the Jeonranamdo Team. Suk-Woo fights in the first round against Ryu Hyun-Bok, and is defeated by him, with the advice of Park Il-Pyo, the leader of Jeonranamdo Team. Suk-Woo's team is later disqualified because of their loss.


Cha Suk-Woo is a trained in martial art, Savate. It is a type of French kickboxing. He is one of the top fighters of Chungcheongnamdo, but was defeated by Ryu Hyun-Bok. He also carries a knife, although he has never been shown using it.